My Weekly Update 5

My Weekly Update 5
Hey guys, sorry that I haven’t blogged since Thursday. It’s been a busy few days and I needed to get some rest in order to come and prepare some fresh, new content for you guys. I will now get on with saying how my week went.

So early on in the week I just spent most of the time relaxing. This consisted of watching Youtube videos, playing Fifa and blogging. So glad I was about to find out this was the quiet end of my week though.
On Friday, I was in the process of playing my first FUT Champs games and I got a letter in the mail. I didn’t think it would be anything too important as I never get anything that is useful in the mail but this time was amazing. It was a letter from the business that I had an interview for on the Monday. I was being offered the job. I’m still in shock to be honest that I am now employed. I had counted that I had applied for 3466 jobs since the 1st of March which is crazy in itself.
Out of excitement, I tweeted about it as well as texting my mum and sister. Somehow I managed to get 344 likes on my tweet. Don’t ask me how that happened because I really don’t know either. Everything about Friday was so great and I hope things stay that way. I also went out a drive with my girlfriend on Friday too. We seen some lovely scenery around East Ayrshire and it was great to see new places yet again with her.
On Saturday, I went to the Woodlands Experience in a little Stirlingshire town called Balfron. It was so nice to see all the trees around us lit up and it was so busy too. Afterwards when we got home, I played more of my FUT Champs games. I couldn’t sleep either so I ended up playing about 20 of my games through the night into Sunday.
On Sunday I played my final 10 FUT Champs games and only ended up finishing on 20 wins. I was both annoyed on one hand and happy on the other. I was annoyed that it was the first week out of 4 that I didn’t finish Gold 2 but at the same time I only missed out by 1 win despite having such a heptic weekend and having to rush through loads of games. I also finished Gold 1 for the month so it will be interesting to see what rewards I get for that.
I also can’t wait to start work on the 7th of November too. Don’t worry though guys. I am working Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so my blogs will remain unaffected as I will still have time at nights on those days to blog as well as trying to aim for a blog on Sundays and Mondays.
Thank you for all of the amazing support guys.
Thank you for reading.

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