Blogging With No Sleep Routine

Blogging With No Sleep Routine
Hey guys I am back with a brand new blog and I started to write this at 5:40am because I haven’t sleep at all. This is also gonna be part of what the blog is about too. I am going to talk about what blogging involves for me with my really non-existent sleep routine. I hope you guys all enjoy my blog.

First of all I just want to say thank you for all of the support on my blogging journey that has now been going for 3 months. I didn’t ever imagine things going so well and part of that was how unpredictable my sleep routine is. Mentally my biggest problem is my sleep routine. I handle not sleeping so well now but sometimes I am still very uneasy with how it is.
I’ve mentioned it to doctors because and I’ve never been found to have any sleep disorders such as insomnia. This still baffles me because everyone around me has always thought what happens to me isn’t remotely normal. For example, there has been times I’ve went 2 days without sleeping at all or with only 2/3 hours sleep at most. I can be so exhausted and still take hours to fall asleep too. Now knowing I start work in 5 days is concerning me too because as much as I know I can deal with not sleeping, I just simply don’t want to struggle with it.
My blogging is affected too because my creative spells come at such abnormal times. I genuinely think I’ve spent time writing blogs at almost every hour of the day already and I’ve not been doing it for long. I trialed scheduled posts too but that didn’t work at all for me because I wasn’t awake to promote them and they just weren’t going live properly either. It causes a lot of stress especially since I am trying to grow my blogging following and improve the quality of my content to a professional level.
This does mean that people just have to read my posts whenever they see them because I could be posting a new one at 6am one day then 10pm the next time I upload. This is how unpredictable my sleep routine is. I’ve now been like this since 2010 and it probably will remain this way for most of my life. Don’t worry though guys about anything as I will keep blogging whenever I can and keep providing you guys content worth reading and engaging with. It is tough but I’m much stronger than any of my big problems so I will just get on with life.
Thank you for the amazing support on my blogs guys.
Thank you for reading.

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  1. I was like this during my lower moments, I’d either sleep 1/2 hours in the night or 15/16 hours, it wasn’t ideal really. Hope you find a solution that can help!

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