Things I Want To Know

Things I Want To Know
Hey guys I am back with another blog shortly after my last one as my post writing enjoyment is at its peak right now. I always want to know things about who I am followed by whether that is on social media or on my blog. I will write a few questions below and I’d love for you guys to give me some feedback in the comments. I will also answer the same questions in a future blog too. The questions will follow below.

What mental illness do you have?
How long have you had it?
What do you do to cope with it?
Do your family understand it?
Who do you talk to about it?
Did you get medical help?
Do you talk about it on social media?
How does it affect your day to day life?
Do you believe that you can fight it?
These have been the questions guys. I look forward to reading your answers to them.

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  1. Hi Paul, I have struggled with depression and anxiety on and off over the last 4 years. Initially I was on antidepressants but now I try and cope without medication.
    To cope with it, I have learned I need to do regular exercise, avoid alcohol, rest and take it easy on myself when I feel like I’m getting overwhelmed. I’ve only recently joined social media but I’ve shared my 30 mental health self care tips on my blog. I’m happy to talk about mental health as it may help others struggling.
    I believe if we look after ourselves and have a good support network we can fight it. Or at least make it easier to live with.
    Bexa |

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