Have my 2017 aims happened?

Have my 2017 aims happened?
Hey guys, sorry it’s been so long without a blog. A busy weekend coupled with 2 days of constant headaches caused this but I am back now and feeling like my normal self again. This blog will be about what I aimed to achieve in 2017 and whether I have achieved these things.

The first thing I aimed for this year was to get my mental health to its best. I have definitely achieved this as I’ve hardly had any bad days all year. I’ve had a much better year overall and I think this has been a part of it. Everything this year has been way more positive and I’ve had so much momentum in everything I’ve done.
The next thing was to find someone I could be with and grow with. I achieved this within the first week of the year when I got with Sophie. Everything about her has allowed me to be myself and grow confident. I really hope things last for life with her as she means so so much to me. We have been together for 10 months now and it couldn’t have went better.
My 3rd thing was to find a job. This may have taken the longest but it’s been so worth all of the hours, stress and down moments. Starting today is so surreal to me as I was never sure it was coming. I know I’ve got so much to offer and I’m glad someone has finally given me a chance to show this.
In addition to what I aimed to achieve, I have also started this blog and achieved so much with that too. I do only choose to blog for fun and I have so much fun with it. This is why I don’t do it every single day. I know that it is a big part of my life but I won’t let it take over it completely.
I have achieved everything that I have aimed to this year and this makes me think that I can do it again in 2018. I have more support behind me now than I’ve ever had before and I thank you all so much for it.
Thank you for reading guys.

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