My First Work Week Is Done

My First Work Week Is Done
So guys, sorry I have barely blogged in November so far. I took the decision to focus more on quality and as a result of this I will be posting less often but hopefully the blogs will be so much better because of that. In this one I will be talking about the first week of my new job that I started on Tuesday.

Starting my job on Tuesday was so much fun. I was very nervous beforehand though. This is natural though and it was more because I was unsure whether I’d fit in or not. Turns out that I fit in incredibly well. I have enjoyed things way more than I ever imagined and getting used to working hasn’t been anywhere near as difficult as I thought it would have been.
I have also been trained so well too. Thursday was a lot quieter but that’s due to what I was being shown and how few of the things came in that day. I was supposed to learn VAT returns but as there was only 2 that came in and 1 had practically been fully completed, I was left with nothing to read for most of the day. This wasn’t so bad though as the things that I had previously learned were still fresh for me and I had the chance to do some more of those.
Between Tuesday and Wednesday I had learned a lot about processing invoices, analysing receipts for expenditure and bank reconcilliations. I wasn’t 100% on getting everything right but I done way better than I thought I would as I hated Sage Accounting in college and I wasn’t very good at it either. My confidence is very high for a new start and I think this is down to how well I pay attention to detail. I feel like I can only progress very quickly as an accounting assistant as long as I build on my start and continue to be trained as well as I have been.
In conclusion, I absolutely love my new job and work with extremely lovely people. I think I belong there and this helps so much. If you are currently looking for a job take encouragement from me when I say that it may take longer than you want but when it comes you’ll fit right in.
Thank you for all of the support on my blogs guys.
Thank you for reading.

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