Coping Without Close Friends

Coping Without Close Friends
Hey, guys, I am back with another blog and this one is about my experiences of not having close friends around me and how I deal with problems in my life without having much support except my girlfriend. It isn’t always easy but today I will explain that you can absolutely cope without close friends.

Ever since I got with my girlfriend in January, I have become more and more distant with everyone else I was ever close to. People probably assume that I wanted to ditch them but this is always far from true. The main reason I stopped trying with so many people is that they didn’t make me feel wanted. Another part of the problem with that is that I was always the one travelling to see people, the one creating all of the efforts and it was only ever nights out that allowed me to see people. I’ve grown up so much and I despise drinking and nights out now.
I am healthier because of this too. Drinking ruined my health both mentally and physically and the stress of worrying about whether people cared was absolutely toxic for me. It was only when things worked out so well with my girlfriend and when she proved she was making so much more effort with me than anyone else that I have seen sense and focused on her.
Believe me when I say the only person you need to rely on to be happy is yourself. I firmly believe that even if I was single and never ever met my girlfriend, I would still be incredibly happy and healthy both mentally and physically. If someone doesn’t make you feel wanted then you absolutely don’t need them. It is easier than most people think to cope on your own. There’s so much free time available when you are on your own and this can be used to achieve so much. You all deserve to be happy and if you aren’t happy with people, remove them and make a change.
Thank you for reading my experiences guys.
The support means so much.

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  1. I struggle a lot with doubting some people’s intentions in my life. I don’t know whether they really care about me or not. In the last month I have cut off about 4 of people I considered to be extremely close friends of mine. I still have about 5 that I talk to on a daily basis that I know love and care for me. I still wonder if cutting those people off were the right choice. Great post Paul xxx
    Melina |

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