Do We Complain Too Much?

Do We Complain Too Much?
Hey guys I am back with another blog and this one is about a trend on social media that I have noticed of late. The trend is that there has been a rise in the number of tweets or Facebook statuses that are complaining about what someone else says or does. I will now leave my opinion on complaining and why we should get on with our lives and do less of it.

It seems to be the in thing right now to complain or personally attack someone for their decisions or choices. I have never understood why this is the case to be honest. I know from tons of experience that being targeted because of something you think or choose to do is so damn horrible. I used to be scared to post my opinion of anything on social media and even very recently my Twitter was hunted down by people based on an opinion I had towards giveaways and how they are used. It made me feel so horrible and hated all because people disrespected my opinion yet I fully understood theirs.
The way I see things is that everyone is entitled to their opinion no matter how different it is. We just need to learn to live and let live as it would be horrible for us to be targeted because of our opinion so why should we target anyone else for theirs?
I feel like there is way too much negativity on social media these days and together we should remove this by being more accepting of the opinions of others and instead of slating others we should be praising them for speaking out about their opinion. Nobody should feel scared to do what they want or share their opinion. At times it becomes like bullying from what I have seen or experienced. It is such a horrible position to be in and can be so damaging to the mental health of the person suffering.
Next time you feel like slating someone for their choice or opinion just put yourself in their shoes and think about how horrible it can be and how bad you would feel to be targeted.
We should all aim to make social media more positive.
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