Do We Expect Too Much?

Do We Expect Too Much?
Hey guys I am back with another blog and this one will be about expecting too much in life. I am quite saddened sometimes with how I see people react to not getting what they seem to think they are entitled to. I will now go on to speak about some of the things people expect so much from.
Public Transport
This is probably the thing that bugs me the most. People expect every single bus or train to be on time and turn up without fail. It’s bad when people don’t understand that buses can be late due to traffic, roadworks or bad route planning which is the case with some buses in Glasgow. Buses aren’t immune to breakdowns either and just like with cars, these can happen at any moment. I may not drive but people need to appreciate the pressure on drivers to keep concentration 100% of the time because passenger and public safety are so essential and you can’t drive 100mph to keep everyone safe.
With trains it’s just as bad. Signalling problems occur so often near where I stay plus it is very simple for nature to cause issues such as delays and things like tree branches or logs blocking the tracks.
Phone Signal
This is another bad one for people when it comes to hilarious expectations. Being in places that are covered usually results in poor signal so it’s pointless complaning about it. People expect signal in the countryside too and very rarely do you actually get a good signal. I barely even get a proper signal in my own home but I don’t complain about it because I know that my house is really tight spaced so that’s why I have signal issues.
More Quality For Less Money
Businesses set out to make money guys. As someone who has studied business in college and works now in an accountancy office I know all too well that businesses are too smart to sell their best quality products for cheap. Nobody should expect a 5 star quality product or service for £20. Price matches quality so the lower the price, the lower the quality will be.
So guys the main thing I will say is that we all need to start appreciating things more instead of just taking them for granted and assuming that the quality must be there. Just be thankful that we get things in life and appreciate everything and everyone we have. Be realistic with what you expect when you buy new products too.
Thank you for reading guys and thank you for all of the amazing support on my blogs as always.

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  1. I find the public transport one interesting. I used to live in Japan and buses and trains were amaaazing. They’d always be on time. Trains would be on time to the exact second (so their apps to help you navigate trains would be correct and you could make connections even if you only have 1 or 2 minutes to spare!)
    With buses they’d manage it by adding in some breaks where the driver would wait at the bus stop. That way, they could be on time even if there is heavy traffic.
    Once you’ve experienced that it is slightly shocking to see how late public transport can be in the rest of the world! You can still appreciate it, but wish they’d send staff to Japan to learn how they manage it all!!

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