The New Blog Changes Explained

The New Blog Changes Explained
Hey guys I am back with a new blog announcing some changes I plan on making regarding my blog. I feel like I have far more to offer than just mental health advice so I have came up with a new plan to freshen up my content. Read on for what I plan to do and what will change.

Site Title Change
Well guys I have ditched the Paul Mcginley’s Mental Health site title for a new title. This new title is Paul Mcginley’s Life and Experiences. I feel like this new title is a better one and gives off the impression that my blogs can be about a range of things instead of just mental health. Variety is always good and I plan to create blogs on loads of different topics.
Content Change
My blogs always used to be about mental health or my Asperger’s Syndrome and now that will change too. I plan on discussing new things such as travel, gaming, work, my relationship and so much more. I will still be doing blogs about mental health on the odd occasion if anything changes with that but I’ve been completely fine for a while so I’ve had nothing new to write about with that subject. It’s the same with my Asperger’s Syndrome. I have managed it perfectly for the last few months so there’s not been much to say regarding it.
Blog Frequency
I am hoping that I can blog a bit more than I have recently. I feel like 2 blogs a week hasn’t been a lot for you guys to stay interested in. I am still getting used to working and with FUT Champs each weekend my time is very limited as to when I can blog. I will say though that weeks where I have more free time will result in more content. I will try to blog in the evenings after work if I don’t have anything to do and at the weekend I’d maybe manage a blog if I finish my FUT Champs games early.
What I Aim To Achieve With These Changes
I have big aims with my blog. I hope with these changes that I can continue to improve my content and make it even more enjoyable for you guys. Lately I have been hitting new like records on my content despite views not being as high as they once were. I am completely fine with this though and it gives me motivation to keep making content that you guys enjoy. I love the engagement I get on social media with you guys as well as through the comments on my blog and that is why I love blogging so much.
I hope you all enjoyed reading my blog and thank you for all of the amazing support as always. Don’t forget to comment your opinion of my planned changes as all feedback is highly appreciated.
Thank you for reading guys.

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