December Already?

December Already?
Hey guys I am back with a new blog that I was meaning to write yesterday but I got a tad busy so I wasn’t home til 9pm except for 15 minutes after work. It is absolutely insane how quickly this year has flown in and we are now only 24 days away from Christmas. I thought I’d make a little blog about my plans for the month and just to wish you all well.

My Year So Far
This year has been amazing for me. Started off by going into a relationship with Sophie on January 6th and she’s brought out the absolute best in me and turned me into a much better person. The next thing that happened was that I was able to come off of my stomach tablets in February as stress was no longer affecting me so much and I was having anywhere near as much pain. This was down to Sophie too as she took great care of me and still does.
The next big thing was that Sophie moved into my house on June 13th just 2 weeks after we had been away to Anstruther for my birthday and been to the Anastasia concert in Edinburgh the day after my birthday. She moved in at such a great time as we were building things up so perfectly and it just felt like the right thing to do. Waking up beside the person you love every single day is the best feeling in the world and I hope you all get to experience it.
November was also a great month for me. I started my new job as an accounts assistant on the 7th and I can’t believe I’ve nearly been there a month already and yesterday I received my first wage from work. That was such a sweet feeling too as I know how hard I’ve been working and I felt rewarded from that.
December Plans
My plans for this month are looking promising to be honest. On the 14th I have my Christmas lunch with my work colleagues in an Italian restaurant called Cellino’s and then it’s on to the bigger plans. On Christmas Eve I am going to Inverness with my girlfriend and this will be so special as I’ve never been away for Christmas day and it will also be the first time I have woken up on Christmas day beside the person I am in a relationship with.
It is only overnight from Christmas Eve into Christmas Day but we will get to see so much scenery and it’ll be another new place that I have been to with Sophie that I had never been to before. This is what a relationship is like when it’s going great. The main thing I love about our relationship is that we grow together and go to so many new places together and enjoying them all.
My Final Thoughts
I hope you guys all have a great December, Christmas and New Year too. I have so much planned for my blogs now too and I just need to make time to write all of the blogs up. Thank you for everything guys from reading my blogs to the likes and support messages. It all makes everything so much easier to handle and makes blogging so fun for me.
I hope you guys enjoyed my blog. Thank you for reading.

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