How Much Have I Changed?

How Much Have I Changed?
Hey guys I am back with another blog today following on from the one on Friday. I felt like I could make some spare time this weekend for another as I said in my blog about changes. I hope you all enjoy all this one as I am going to talk about how much I have changed lately.

Mental Health
In 2017 I have changed so much regarding my mental health. I have improved so so much lately. This has been down to cutting out toxic people from my life and avoiding drama completely. I’ve not had a panic attack this year either and I feel like my anxiety is nowhere near as bad as it used to be. Before this year I was constantly nervous and full of panic and this made life harder to live but now that this has changed I am enjoying every single day.
Self Care
I look after myself far better these days. I don’t force myself to do anything if I don’t feel 100% comfortable doing it and this has also helped with my anxiety so much. I also don’t drink alcohol anymore either and this has helped me get over my long term stomach problems and my mood is far easier to control because of this too. My last drink of alcohol was in April and my last proper night out was way back in Februrary. I definitely don’t even miss going out at all. It was all a waste of money when I look back on it really.
Trusting People
I don’t trust people so easily these days. I used to get hurt so much by trusting the wrong people and these days I only fully trust my girlfriend and family. This has led to a much happier life for me and being too trusting can be very dangerous. Always take your time when it comes to trusting people and you’ll find the right people.
Being Distant To People
I am very distant to everyone except my girlfriend but I am totally okay with this. My relationship has worked so well because I have been able to put so much time and effort with Sophie. I always think I should start conversations with people but if they haven’t bothered then I shouldn’t either which is why I’ve accepted things as they are now. I am happier because of it and I’ve moved forward so much with Sophie by my side.
This has been things that have changed the most about me. I hope you enjoy reading my content and thanks for the amazing support as always.
Thank you for reading.

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