A Month Into My Job

A Month Into My Job
Hey guys time has absolutely flown by and I cannot believe it is now a month into my job. In this blog I will talk about my experiences of working life and how successful it has been so far.

My first day was so scary to be honest. I was very nervous but I was welcomed with respect and it felt like I was in a friendly atmosphere. I’m always nervous in new surroundings because of my Asperger’s Syndrome and this was the case again. I have overcame the nerves so well though and grew comfortable in my role.
Being an accounts assistant requires so much focus though. Whether it’s dealing with a business’ payroll or sorting out invoices to be processed there is a must for loads of attention to detail within the work. I do make the odd mistake here or there but the main thing is that I learn from them and I have been doing that perfectly so far. I need to remember that the software I use is still something I’m learning about instead of expecting perfection every single day. I had a 2 year break from the Sage Accounting software after I learned about it in college.
I am far more comfortable with the payroll side of my job but I’m doing so bad with the rest so I’m fairly confident that I’m good enough for the job. I’m already trusted with tasks involving details being sent to HMRC and other high profile documents so I must be doing something right to have that level of trust even though I’ve not been in the job for very long.
I am looking forward to the next few weeks in order to see what else I learn about. I know so much already and I feel confident about what I’m doing too. I got so lucky to get the job and I’m glad it’s going so well. It’s now down to me to keep working hard and giving my best every single day I’m there.
I also need to work on getting more blog content out and I will try my best to do that too. Thanks for all of the amazing support guys and I will promise to blog more frequently.
Thanks for reading.

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