Winter Safety

Winter Safety
Winter is a great season that always brings us closer together. It is personally my favourite time of the year too. However, the weather conditions can cause a lot of bother for everyone. In this blog I will talk about my experiences with Winter weather and what I’ve done to be extra careful in order to avoid danger.

Where I stay is a nightmare when it is very icy. My street is very flat but there are hills at both ends of it which means that going to work will probably be a lot harder if the conditions worsen in Glasgow in the way they have in England. One thing I will say is to allow extra time to get out of your street. You just can’t walk at the pace you normally do when conditions are fine. I’ve had multiple injuries that have came from walking way too quickly in bad conditions so now I am far more careful and I constantly look at the ground where I am going to stay clear of the worst icy spots.
Always allow extra time for your journeys anywhere too. The roads are always really bad in Winter so don’t be angry when buses are late or trains are delayed or cancelled. This happens every single year and buses can’t just be driven as quickly incase of crashing or sliding on the icy surface. My bus has already been 10/15 minutes late a few times but I fully expect that because of the roads.
I always recommend only leaving the house if you have to as well. No point going out for the sake of it in Winter unless you want to risk falling on ice or ending up with a really bad cold. Unless you’re going out with friends or family, going to work, university or college or getting food for the house or other utilities, I firmly recommend staying in. It’s not necessary to be outside all of the time when you can have a rest instead and keep warm too.
When it comes to buying Christmas presents for people, online shopping is always a great alternative when conditions are bad. I always find better gifts for people when I look online too as you see things you don’t always see in store and you have a lot more time to just sit and relax. I think shopping in store is far more stressful as it’s so busy too so you save yourself some mental energy too so it’s a win win.
This has been my blog about safety in Winter weather guys. I hope you all stay safe this Winter and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year when they get here.
Thank you for all of the support on my blogs guys.
Thank you for reading.

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