Blogging is something I am still fairly new to even though people think I’ve been doing it for years. I only just started blogging in August and I’ve made so much progress because of it. In this blog, I will be discussing the topic of blogging and how I feel I’ve done with my blog.

Blogging is really awesome. You can blog about literally anything and ideas for new blogs come from even the most basic of things. Even going a walk to the shops can inspire a blog. My blog about travelling came from a simple journey to the shopping centre in Clydebank which is only a short journey from my house. It is crazy how easily you can come up with new content and it’s so much fun because of that. I never stress over what to blog about because there is so much you can say and you can express your creative freedom so much.
I never spend time taking pictures for my blogs either. A lot of people do take loads of pictures but I don’t feel like they make a difference to my content at all. These days I’d much rather spend more time working on the wording and getting my love for blogging across. I started off talking about mental health in my blogs and now I’ve changed that in order to cover more topics. I felt like I said everything I could have about mental health and my experiences with mental health issues so I thought new topics could freshen up my blog.
The support I’ve had has been incredible on my blogs too. I’d never have imagined being close to 6000 views on my content considering I don’t blog too frequently now and because I changed things up so massively. It means a lot that people take time out of their day to read my content and I thank everyone so much for it.
Thank you once again for reading and supporting all of my blogs. Stay tuned for way more content that’s coming soon.

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