Honesty is the best policy

Honesty is the best policy
Hey guys I am finally back with another blog. I have been unwell for the last few days and that is why I never managed to write any blogs for almost a week. I will hopefully be better for Christmas and I’ll be hopefully blogging more by then too.
This blog will be about my most toxic friendship ever and how I am sick of seeing blogs clearly aimed at me by this person that don’t include all of what actually happened.

I am so done with the situation to be honest but I feel like I need to address this again as I feel like I’m never gonna escape it. Basically I had a friend called Ashleigh who I started talking to on Twitter in January last year. Things started off so well and we were always on the same wave length but it changed after I developed feelings for her. It’s unreal how badly things went after this but I still have no idea what changed for this to happen.
Her blog posts and tweets about the situation that was on and off for well over a year miss out so much of the truth and that is what annoys me so much. The arguments we had were by far the most brutal ones I’d ever been involved in but they were so avoidable. I will always admit that I made mistakes and contributed to the problems but the thing is that in her blogs it’s like she was absolutely innocent. I have now lost all respect for her because of this and it’s a shame because I once thought of her as someone who could have been a best friend for a long long time.
I am fully aware of what I done wrong and what it caused her to feel but there’s so much that was felt by me too and this is always missed out.
These things happened to her:
Constant crying
Being sick frequently
Being scared to say how she felt
Being scared to open up
However, these things happened to me and she has never admitted this in any blog or tweet about the situation:
Turning to alcohol due to stress
Being scared to leave the house
Panic attacks
Being scared to say how I felt
Being scared to meet people
Being scared to tweet
My social media getting stalked for over a year
I am so saddened that this goes unmentioned by her because I’ve always mentioned how she felt so why can’t we both be adults and admit our mistakes? I would have been blogging months earlier as it was Ashleigh talking about her blog that made me start to believe that it would be something that I’d be good at. She also mentioned Youtube and I started to think about maybe returning to Youtube too. That never happened because I ended up busy with my relationship and now my blogging and work on top of that too so I’d never have the time to make Youtube content anymore.
I have nothing more to say about this siutation and I will not be unblocking her on Twitter again as I can’t put myself through hell again. I have moved on and my life is going great now as I am a much stronger person with a drama free life. I will only be focusing on my girlfriend, family, friends, work and my blogging.
Thank you for all of the support on my blogs guys. Thank you for reading.

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  1. Hi. So, I was told by a mutual friend that this post was aimed at me and when I read it I had a look at it.
    My post yesterday was not aimed at you at all, it was more of a generalisation about the past year.
    I completely understand where you’re coming from, and I understand your point of view towards me. I’m sorry if it’s came across like I never considered you, and that wasn’t my intention at all. I understand if you don’t want to unblock me, however I would appreciate having a conversation with you, instead of blog posts where you mention me by name.
    I would like this problem to be discussed so we can both completely move on, as we both have not been able to.
    If you want to contact me, you can email me or message me on twitter.

    1. I’m very busy at the moment between work and other stuff so I won’t be free to chat. I’m just really annoyed because the blog paints such an inaccurate impression of what actually happened and makes me look so bad when all I done was stand up for myself instead of just accepting being lashed out at

  2. I would appreciate being able to discuss this, but if thatโ€™s not possible I want my name removed. It is fine you alluding to the situation, however mentioning me by name is slanderous and defamatory. I have not mentioned you by name as it is disrespectful, and thus I am requesting you give me the same courtesy and take my name out.

  3. If my name isn’t removed I will not hesitate to contact the police. I have asked you to be decent and remove my name and you’ve not done so.

    1. I will remove your name if you stop blogging stuff which is obviously about me. You realise i can do what you’re doing and not mention you, but hey I’m the mature one and actually getting to the point. Grow up, get on with your own life instead of being an annoyance to me. Goodbye.

  4. Grow up and remove my name now. I don’t mind you alluding to me as I’ve said before, however mentioning my name is crossing the line.

    1. All I did was say what happened and how we both felt. Mentioning your name was the mature thing to do but I suppose one of us has to be the adult here. Don’t bark orders at me either because I do what I want and it’s not my fault you can’t leave me alone

      1. Don’t you dare tell me what to do. It was not the mature thing to do, and I suggest you remove it now.

      1. You mention this girl by name after apparently you suspect that she’s writing about you. Even tho she’s not mentioned you. She respectfully asks you remove her name and let’s talk about this. You say “Don’t bark orders at me, I do what I want” and then you throw in directs at her for the rest of the day. Quite a nasty bit of work you. But I think ppl are starting to realise that now. I’ve noticed lots of comments about you on Twitter. I wonder would you behave in such a manner towards a man? You’re a Bully

        1. You don’t even know me ๐Ÿ˜‚ Indirects that are blatantly obvious when referring to me too. I know her far too well and she’s turned the lot of you into sheep but that’s not my loss is it? I was honest and she can’t handle it as always. Our problems started when I had an opinion she never agreed with. If she says over this so much then why did she bring it back up? Grudges make people look so idiotic and I’m better off without her. P.s if I was so bad would I be in the best mental condition I’ve ever been in with a great girlfriend and so much support behind me? Didn’t think so. Goodbye

  5. Ugh. Your poor girlfriend that’s all I have to say. But won’t be long until she wakes up too and walks. Women want a man not a little boy. Seems to happen to a lot of your friends and loved ones. All totally not your fault of course. Goodbye I won’t be following your me me me blog anymore.

  6. Seems to me like youโ€™re not that keen on leaving these events in the past if you keep dragging it up though. And it was a bit classless to name her, when she hasnโ€™t named you once. I mena Iโ€™ve seen her blog and if you think her recent posts are about you, wellโ€ฆ if the shoe fits. And to make her out to be a horrible person while being very patronising to her in the comments doesnโ€™t help your case. Just grow up, leave each other alone and just take her name out.

    1. Indirects in a blog are petty as fuck. Thats why I mentioned her name out of maturity and respect. You are believing everything she says without actually knowing her properly. Everything I’ve said about her is based on over a year of talking to her. All I done in my blog was mention both of our feelings. It’s so embarrassing that anyone has found offence in that

      1. I only blogged about it as I planned on leaving it here and now. Shame some people are so desperate and can’t handle the truth. I made a fair blog about it and admitted both sides of things. Nothing wrong with that at all but some people just have a problem with me being happy

  7. Yes but the problem is you’ve done this “get it outta my system and leave it there” rant repeatedly..and this time you’ve named her. How else would o know about all this if you weren’t repeatedly talking about it. So thats a bunch of crap what you’re saying. And I’m quite sure nobody cares whether you’re happy or not to be honest with you. Other ppls happiness doesn’t physically or mentally affect others. But hey, if that’s what you need to tell yourself. That’s fine

      1. Yes but you seem to assume anybody who doesn’t agree with your opinion or tells you you’re wrong is “jealous of your happiness” . It’s pretty pathetic tbh and you won’t get far in life with that attitude. You’ve got a girlfriend for the past 9 months mate it’s not exactly something ppl get jealous of. No I don’t like drama. Not at all. But you are infuriatingly stubborn and a massive hypocrite. Eventually ppl (like me) are gonna say hang on a second, you’re wrong there. Then you say they’re jealous of your happiness? Lol come on. I really pity your poor girlfriend. What she must have to put up with

        1. I don’t assume anything ๐Ÿ˜‚ I’ve got further in life than anyone thought I would and that’s down to me. You don’t even know me at all so you wouldn’t have a clue what my girlfriend puts up with and as we’re happy together and both helped each other so much mentally through love and support I somehow don’t think it’s that bad for her or me

  8. Further in life? You’ve got a job and a girlfriend…most had that done when they were 14. I’m gonna leave it there because i can see that you’re that type who is right even when he’s wrong. And when that girl eventually runs as fast as she can in the other direction, please don’t blame anybody else.. Because it will be you who drives her away . that’s all for me

    1. Don’t know anything else about me so you wouldn’t know what I have. I’ve made my mistakes but I’ve learned from them all so yeah even if I lose anyone else I will be fine. I always end up fine. Thanks for giving me a hand on getting my most viewed blog btw ๐Ÿ˜Š Much appreciated genuinely

  9. I do not know the full situation, however I think naming and shaming does not help the situation and it’s very petty. Unless she explicitly named you, I think that you should not be naming her and this post does not do anything except make your life harder. I see where every one is coming from and I think what you are doing to this girl is horrible. No wonder she didn’t want to be friends with you if this is how you act. You are ignoring the points everyone else makes because you think your points are more valid but this just tells me you are a little man who won’t get very far in life and you are so bitter, it is sad. If I was you I’d remove her name or remove the post, because people will still be on your back unless it ends.

    1. People get on my back anyway. I named her out of respect and I didn’t shame her in my post either which is why people have blown this so far out of proportion. Saying how we both felt was the fair thing. Considering how bad my life was I’ve came so far and the sad thing is that nobody who’s said I won’t get far even knows me which is highly unfair too

  10. It’s fine from your perspective, but think of it from this girls perspective. Someone that this girl isn’t friends with publicly used her name in a derogatory way. No matter what is in the content, what do you think was going through this girls head when someone she doesn’t want to be friends with uses her name in a public setting?

  11. I don’t quite understand whether you are blaming her for you turning to alcohol or not? I also don’t understand why you felt the need to name her. This can be seen as bullying and harrassment. I understand you’re putting your point across, but I am sure there are better ways to do so?

    1. How is saying we were both at fault either bullying or harassment? The stress of the situation lead to alcohol and it wouldn’t have happened without her part so yeah. If she hadnt blogged about me indirectly I wouldn’t have had to blog. I done it to defend myself and she can blog how she wants so i will do exactly that too

      1. I’m not sure why you find the need to be hostile, I simply stated the fact that I did not understand how your drinking issue was her fault. You are either pigheaded or just simply too little minded to be an adult about this situation. Dragging her name through the dirt to get views or popularity is a pathetic childish action. Nethertheless, I wish you well with this, and I hope you one day decide to come to your senses and become an adult in this situation.

        1. I didn’t drag anything through dirt. I mentioned her name as it would have been obvious anyway so I saved the bother of it. I am an adult about it all. I merely laughed as it’s blown so far out of proportion because of all the people who don’t know me getting involved. It’s embarrassing that it’s came to a mass hate drive towards me that I couldn’t give a shit about

          1. If you simply “couldn’t give a shit” then why put up this post and carry it on. Wouldn’t it be easier to not have posted this and to ask her to remove her post?

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