How I deal with negativity

How I deal with negativity
Hey guys I am back with a brand new blog after the storm that came with my last one. I have always been a hate magnet no matter what I’ve done in life and because of that I’m incredibly thick skinned to it all. This wasn’t always the case though. I used to be affected pretty badly by negativity and in this blog I will speak about how I deal with the negativity thrown at me.

In my life I have dealt with so many arguments, emotional abuse, social media stalking, trolls on Youtube when I made videos, bullying in school, being on the brink of suicide at 19 years old and so much more. You may wonder how this happens considering I’m only 23 but trust me life deals you a shit hand every now and then. Mines was more of a serious thunderstorm but I always recover and get stronger.
I have done this because of several different things and I want to help you guys deal with any negativity too. I will now list the ways I deal with negativity.

  • I always look on the bright side of life. It may be hard but there’s a positive to every single day and you just need to find it.
  • I surround myself with positive people. It’s not always easy to keep people close but choose carefully as not everyone is right for you.
  • Keep away from alcohol. I stopped drinking earlier in 2017 and my mental health has peaked since.
  • Find the right hobbies to keep you going. I spend so much time gaming and blogging as well as being with my girlfriend and this keeps negativity out of my head so much.
  • I take care of myself. I’ve never been the healthiest person alive but taking care of yourself is way more than that. I don’t do things just because other people want me to and if there is a stressful situation I try my best to keep out of the way of it if I absolutely don’t need to be in it.
  • I set goals very frequently for myself. Always having something to work towards is a great way to become highly motivated and it also keeps you working hard for something that you’ll be proud of yourself for. This was also a way that I boosted my confidence to new levels too.
  • Figure out what you’re good at. If you find your strengths and see the good in yourself it will make it so much easier to deal with the bad things that you deal with.
  • Helping out others. I have had so many messages since I began to blog about how people have learned from me and this makes me so glad because I’ve done what I set out to do when I decided to blog to begin with. Blogging was never about me and what I feel. I put together carefully thought out posts that I felt people could learn from and take encouragement from and I’ve had far more success than I ever imagined.

Thank you for all of the amazing support on my blogs guys and thank you for reading.

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  1. Your blog is an actual embarrassment. You bully and abuse women when they won’t sleep with you and then posts blogs acting all high and mighty

  2. Does the fact that you’ve “always been a hat magnet” not maybe suggest that it might hen you that’s the issue and not the rest of the world outside your little bubble?

  3. Did she name you publicly? The reason you always talk about it is because you’re jealous. I don’t even know the girl until I read your blog post and then found her blog post. Hers was respectful whereas yours was a mess. You’re an embarrassment to men

    1. Why would I be jealous when my life is going better than ever? Just making yourself look so stupid here man. I respectfully mentioned her name because indirecting is so petty through blogs. Something you’re clearly too stupid to understand but you’re not the first so fair play.

    1. I got told to remove her name or she was going to the police. Demanding that I do it was never gonna make me do it and if she hadn’t made a blog with such an obvious indirect I wouldn’t have had to stand up for myself just like she did but everything she does is okay yet for me it’s not. I had the balls to mention her and respectfully say we both got hurt. I didn’t plan on backlash because I didn’t think people could be so stupid as to get involved with someone they don’t even know

  4. I think the issue is that you publicly named her, and it didn’t give you anything. So many people have now lost respect for you because someone respectfully asked you to do something, and you said no. That proves you are a bully and a bad person. Surely if you had feelings for this person at some point, you’d try not to harm them. But no. Little man is a cowardly bully. You have stood up for yourself too many times. Her last post that was blatantly about you was in summer yet you’re still going on about this indirect. Man up and remove her name and all this will stop.

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