The Christmas Period Summary

The Christmas Period Summary
Hey guys thanks for the amazing support on my blogs since day one and I am so sorry that it’s been 6 days since my last blog. I was very busy over Christmas and I am now gonna summarise what I got up to. I will try to keep it short and simple too guys.

So to start I have been doing tons of traveling up and down Scotland. Inverness on Christmas into Christmas day with Sophie was absolutely amazing and it is such a lovely place to go. I was also at Largs with her the day before Christmas eve too and that was amazing also. Even on Christmas day we had a random journey around the outskirts of Glasgow too. I feel like I’ve discovered so many new places with Sophie and that is a special, meaningful part of our relationship.
Gaming has also been a big part of what I’ve done over this period. EA scheduling FUT Champions from the 22nd to the 24th was so so bad. I said I’d not play all 40 games but as I am so competitive I went ahead and played them all over the Friday and Saturday before Christmas. It will be the same with new year too as I can finish in a great position with a decent win total so I will probably need to play all 40 games from the 29th to 31st too.
Bringing my family closer together at home has happened too. I want my girlfriend to feel more at home here and I feel like that is happening and we sit with my mum and sister in the living room so much more now and it feels great.
I have been working too. My last day of work before Christmas was the 21st and I also worked today and I am working tomorrow. I also have work the Wednesday and Thursday after new year so I don’t get much of a rest to be honest.
I hope this brings you all up to speed on how busy I have been and I hope you guys had a fabulous Christmas and also have a wonderful new year.
Thanks for reading my blog guys.

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