New Year's Resolution

New Year’s Resolution
Hey guys I am back with another blog like I promised today guys. I hope you are all doing well and enjoying my content now. I will talk about my New Year’s resolution and why I want to stick to it so badly.

So guys I am planning to keep away from alcohol from now on as I have managed it for 8 months now. In the time that I haven’t drank I have felt so much healthier both mentally and physically. I want to stick to it as I have saved so much money and I found out that there’s people who only want my company when it involves drinking.
I am such a relaxed person now too and for anyone who struggles mentally just find people who don’t like drinking and who just want to stay in and sit with you while talking about anything.
I also want to keep up the effort with my blog too as I feel like I started with such a bang that it was always gonna overwhelm me a little. At times I’ve had to sit back and relax just to come up with the best ideas possible because I want you guys to enjoy my content and learn more about me as a person through it. Doing far better than you ever imagined is such an amazing thing but it also comes with pressure to keep it up and sometimes that it is too much to handle.
I have had so much fun with my blogs though and that’s the main aim I had. The feedback from you guys has always been great and I hope it continues too.
This has been my new blog guys. Thank you for the wonderful support and thank you for reading.

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  1. Is your other new year resolution to hassle people who disagree with you as that’s something you’re so good at. πŸ˜‚

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