2017 Mental Health Peak

2017 Mental Health Peak
Hey guys I am back with a blog for the 3rd day running and this one will be about how 2017 has been my best year for my mental health and how I plan on maintaining it in 2018. I hope you enjoyed my last 2 blogs too guys as I always appreciate your feedback so much.

At the beginning of the year I was incredibly nervous and still full of anxiety. Most days I was still a bit anxious about leaving the house and going out to see people but as my relationship with Sophie has grown I have became so much calmer and able to go out without feeling scared to. I even feel like I have settled in with my job that I only started on November 7th due to how calm Sophie has made me.
Not drinking is a big part of things too. People underestimate the effects of alcohol when you are suffering mentally and as I said in my last blog I plan to not drink in 2018 at all as I’ve made so much progress and I want to build on that and start helping you guys out more with mental problems.
I don’t force myself to do anything either now and this helps a lot. If you force yourself to do things it will never go well. It only leads to a lot of stress if you do things because you make yourself like you have to. When people tell you to do something you absolutely don’t have to and if they don’t understand that you are looking out for yourself you absolutely don’t need them.
Self care is so important in life guys and taking great care of yourself is how you can improve your mental health. Just sitting down and analysing everything is difficult but doing it will show you that there’s good things in your life. Just take small steps and don’t overdo it. I hope you guys get by and conquer your mental health battles.
Thank you for reading guys.

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  1. That’s a great post! I’m so glad 2017 has been so good for you in terms of dealing with mental health and you’ve set amazing goals for 2018, too 🙂 Not drinking is a difficult yet conquerable goal and I truly hope you stand by it because there’s nothing worse than mixing alcohol with mental health problems. It’s nice to read about how your relationship with Sophia has helped you out in so many ways and I wish you both all the best <3 Also, good luck on the job your recently started. Amazing post 😀

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