My Blog Plans 2018

My Blog Plans 2018
Hey guys I am back with yet another blog as promised. In this one I will be talking about my blog plans for 2018 as I have a lot planned and want to share it with you guys. I will be talking about each thing I have planned and I’d love for you to share your opinions of my plans in the comments.

Mental Health Content
I started off purely as a mental health blogger and I feel like I said so much about mental health that I have began to run out of stuff that I can say about it. Mental health blogs will still be a thing though every so often so don’t worry guys I won’t fully ditch my blogging roots.
Travel Content
I have done a lot of traveling this year and I will be blogging about it in 2018. I am unsure about pictures as I don’t take very many if any at all but I will be definitely sharing my opinion of new places that I visit in 2018 even if they are just in Scotland.
Blogs With My Girlfriend
I have written a couple of blogs with my girlfriend Sophie and these went down so so well. I enjoyed them so much with her and you guys seemed to enjoy them too so in 2018 when we are both free there will be a good few more of them.
Blogs About My Life
I have recently began to open up more about my life in my blogging content and this also seems to have went down really well. In 2018 I plan to speak more about things like work and how I feel in general.
Brand New Random Content
In 2018 there will be new content about subjects I have yet to speak about on blogs so far. I just enjoy writing so much and I’d love to try new things and these will be coming to my blogging work in 2018.
These have been my blogging plans for 2018 guys. Thank you for the amazing support and thank you for reading.

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