Happy New Year Guys

Happy New Year Guys
Hey guys I am back with my final blog of 2017 and I wanted to do this one today as I will be busy on New Year’s Day. I will be talking about how I plan to spend my new year and how I hope you guys also have a wonderful new year and 2018.

This will be my first adult new year without drinking at all and for me that is pretty great. I never imagined it ever happening to be honest as I never pictured how good a year mentally I’d have and it’s with the mental strength I’ve gained this year that I’ve been able to stay away from alcohol.
I plan to spend it with my girlfriend Sophie and we will probably end up going on a little journey tomorrow. It feels so special that this will be our first new year together and in 6 days we will have been together for a full year which is even more special. I can’t believe how great it’s been with her and it’ll be even more special as time goes on.
In 2018 I plan on building on what I have achieved this year and doing some new things too. I feel like another thing I’ve improved so much on this year is that I don’t always message people first like I used to. I was always worn down by having to make the effort first and now that I don’t I’ve seen that people just genuinely don’t bother with me but that’s okay as my relationship has only been given more time and effort due to that.
If I was still as close to everyone as I was then I’d probably have not given up drinking and still been worse off mentally. You guys also wouldn’t have any blogs to read as it was Sophie who gave me the confidence to start up with them and to stick with them. She’s the real hero.
Anyway guys this is just a short blog to say Happy New Year to all of you guys. I hope 2018 is a big success for you and that all goes well. If things never went great in 2017 that is completely okay because things don’t go well every single year but when this happens you become stronger as you need to deal with harder times.
Thank you for reading all of my blogging content and supporting so amazingly in 2017 guys. Stay tuned for what 2018 has in store.

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