First Blog of 2018

First Blog of 2018
Hey guys I am here with my first blog of 2018. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and new year. In this blog I will be talking about how I plan to stay active on social media and my blog as much as possible this year.

My life just now is very organised. All it consists of is working Tuesday to Thursday, playing FUT Champions Friday to Sunday and spending time with my girlfriend, mum and sister. I feel like I can keep on top of my Twitter too as I can usually find time to reply to any tweets to me or even to other bloggers and other people.
With my blogs it purely comes down to how much energy I can generate. I want my blogs to be full of life and I want that to also come across in them. I want to blog a lot but sometimes the energy isn’t there so I won’t write new content when that is the case.
On days where I have less energy I will do more on social media whether that involves tweeting in general, retweeting other blogging content or promoting my own content. I have over 10K followers now on Twitter therefore it will always be my main source of advertising for my blog and I also tweet a lot of personal stuff so it easier to get to know me through there.
My ideal situation would be to blog at least every 3 days and even more frequently when I can. I have grown my blog so well since I started off in August and I feel like I can build on it more thanks to the amazing support of you guys. You continue to keep me motivated and positive about the content I produce and that is why I plan on doing it long term. You also help me keep my mental health in check and that is such a special feeling.
This has been my first blog of 2018 guys. Thank you for all of the support. Stay tuned for so much more.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I want to get blogging more, I’ve just completed my 3rd but I struggle with mental energy & motivation at times, any suggestions?

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