New Blog Schedule-30/1/18

New Blog Schedule-30/1/18
Hey guys I am with new details of a schedule for uploading blog content that I plan on using. I will go into detail about the schedule and why I feel like this will be better for me in the long term.

So guys I feel like I can use the new system in order to stay on top of content and to stay organised with my blog posts. I plan on just writing my content from Monday to Thursday and posting all of my content at once on a Sunday. This will mean that I will still be posting 3/4 blogs a week but it means the content can be better as it won’t be as rushed.
This allows me to feel less pressure to post content and it allows me to actually get some rest from time to time too. People read my content when they have the time to so it makes sense that I should also take my schedule into consideration too. I’ve built such a great following on my blog too with the hard work I’ve put in but everyone has a day when they feel like they have less energy and it limits what they can do.
I have a lot of ideas for content and now I feel like I have a schedule that will suit me more and allow me more time to put the ideas into place. Thank you for taking time to read the new schedule guys and I would love your feedback on the new schedule as it allows you guys to have the full week to read my content before the new blogs are out.

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