Content Originality-4/2/18

Content Originality-4/2/18
Hey guys I am back with another blog and this one is to do with a thing that causes a lot of bother. I will be discussing a case of when I was accused of copying content and why I never ever would do that. 
My work is created off of the top of my head most of the time with very little or no planning. In my blogs I also only ever refer to my own life experiences apart from on one occasion where I was explaining how another person felt. These 2 things combined as well as the fact I never get the time to read other content make it literally impossible for me to copy any other person’s work. I also view copying as lazy and hurtful to the person who originally wrote the content.
Last week I got an email accusing me of writing my blogs using plagiarism of someone else’s work. The problem with this is that both of the blogs in question were written very early on when I focused only on mental health content. As this is such a big thing to blog about it is only natural for different content to have similarities from time to time. I also wrote both blogs using my own experiences to explain everything about anxiety and how it was okay to not always be okay.
This accusation annoyed me and saddened me a lot because I had never ever read the content of the person accusing me, they tweeted about it but later deleted it and they never mentioned which blogs I supposedly copied in their email. This is the type of negativity the blogging community will never need so before you accuse someone of copying you think of the fact that they put hours into their content and consider the fact that the blog is written on a subject that is massively spoken about in great detail.
I want the blogging community to be full of positivity and for the majority of the time and for the majority of the people who are part of it, it is. Anyway guys this was just a short little explanation of an annoying situation I hope is now over with.
Thank you for reading and thank you for the amazing support you guys have shown me from day one.

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  1. Am so sorry to hear you went through this. Am new to blogging and this has always been my worry. But like you said we blog about topics everyone is discussing so of course there will be similarities. It’s just so unfair for someone to accuse another and even yell it out on Twitter… yet it’s not true. Am glad you pushed it aside and that you continue creating brilliant content xx

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