How Is My Anxiety Now?-4/2/18

How Is My Anxiety Now?-4/2/18
Hey guys I am back talking about anxiety which is something I’ve covered in quite a few blogs but I haven’t done it recently. I will be talking about how I feel now and why things are that way.

Well guys I am in a much better position with my anxiety now even compared to the great progress I had made before. I feel like this has happened because I have just took things day by day and I just don’t worry about the future at all or about the things I have no control over.
I have been struggling with my physical health because of my stomach again and even though I’ve had blood taken to check with other stuff and to make it clear what the problem with my stomach is, I haven’t been worrying about the results of the tests at all. I don’t know what’s changed in me but I love that I am like that now because there’s genuinely no point in worrying over things you can’t control.
With my blog I no longer have any anxiety either. I used to feel anxious a lot as to how you guys but now due to how positive the feedback is, this is no longer the case. You guys have helped me calm down so much with my anxiety and I’m grateful for that. I feel like there is still a lot of work to do on my anxiety to keep it going strong and to stay happy but despite how rocky my January has been, I feel like I am better equipped to deal with anything thrown at me.
This has been a little update on my anxiety guys. As you can tell I am a million miles better off than ever before. Thank you for all of the wonderful support on my content and thank you for reading.

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