The Group Shark Mentality In Blogging-4/2/18

The Group Shark Mentality In Blogging-4/2/18
Hey guys I have another blog and in this one I want to discuss the mentality that seems to be present in the blogging community at times. It isn’t good and I feel like I should address my feelings on it and where I feel like I stand within the community.

So on a couple of occasions I have expressed my opinion about something on social media and because it differs from other blogger opinions I’ve had to deal with some brutal hatred. In no other community is having a different opinion from the norm such a bad thing and I feel like it’s the small minority of people who are like that. It’s never just one person responding with hatred to your response either and this is why this blog is titled the way it is.
It doesn’t always seem to be possible to post your opinion without it leading to you getting hassle off of other bloggers. At the end of the day we are all doing the same thing and that is creating content that we enjoy making. There should be 100% respect when it comes to sharing opinions on social media because everyone has the right to one. I hope this is eradicated from the blogging community as soon as possible as we should encourage others to vocalise their opinions about anything they want to discuss.
At times I’ve been genuinely petrified to express my opinion because of the responses I feel like I’d get to it and even to this day despite overcoming the fear of backlash, I still feel like I’m not fully part of the blogging community. I hope the day comes where I am made to feel part of it by everyone and not just some people. We are all part of the same community so lets all make each other feel welcome in it while sharing our opinions in mature, adult discussions and not high school arguments.
This has been a short discussion about the community. Feel free to leave your opinion below about this subject or any questions you may have for me.
Thanks for all of the wonderful support guys and thank you for reading as always.

Your feedback is welcomed greatly