Are Chart Songs Too Overplayed?-11/2/18

Are Chart Songs Too Overplayed?-11/2/18
Hey guys I am back with another blog and this one is a bit different from my others. Music is a great thing and I know we all listen to all sorts of music as we all enjoy different genres. We have so much access to music too and as this is so great I wanted to discuss how chart music gets overplayed way too much.

So guys we have a big debate when it comes to chart music and how frequent the songs are played. For me personally, TV music channels and the radio are by far the worst when it comes to overplaying songs. I swear there are so many songs we all like when they first get realised but we hear them so many times that we want to kick hell out of the tv or reach levels of rage that we never normally reach.
For example, I feel like I’ve heard Rita Ora-Anywhere so many times that it will be the song in my nightmares. I loved it at first but as I listen to the radio when I am in my girlfriend’s car a lot, we’ve heard it way too many times and now only sigh when it comes on again.
Surely radio channels and TV channels should have a limit of playing the same song twice a day at most not more than once an hour as it seems to be sometimes. Anyone else think that this should happen?
I have such a varied taste of music that covers different genres and even different decades. For example, I can be listening to DJ music like Hardwell, Martin Garrix or Armin Van Buuren one minute then older stuff like Guns and Roses or Bon Jovi the next. This is how cool music can be. Any music can cater to anyone’s interests these days and we shouldn’t be forcefed certain songs just because of the chart.
I know marketing is a big part of it as music is such a money making but if a song is so good then it will be successful without being overplayed to hell and back.
What do you guys think of music being overplayed? Leave your opinions below as well as the type of music you are into. I’d love to check out new music that I’m either not very aware of or haven’t listened to before.
Thank you for reading guys.

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  1. To get the ball rolling, I am really into indie pop or indie rock music and I rarely listen to what’s on the charts 😀
    For example, I listen to BANKS or Verite, artists who are so underappreciated, I knew of Halsey waaaaaaaaaaaay before she became mainstream, then there’s Marina and the Diamonds, Florence and the Machine, Ellie Goulding also before becoming popular etc etc
    Then again, I listen to Panic! at the disco and recently My chemical romance, so me in a nutshell xD

  2. I definitely agree that chart songs are indeed overplayed, capital can be one of the worst radio stations for it. However, your point about wishing to limit radio stations to play a certain song at most twice a day, I don’t know how feasible that would actually be.
    I used to have my own radio show for a community radio station local to me and I am pursuing a career in radio and in the works of trying to start a new project and from my experience, it is very difficult for a radio station to limit songs to a set number of plays. Usually, the management team doesn’t know what is being played unless it is a pre-recorded show but normally even then, it’s just the scheduling team that would have any idea other than the radio presenter.
    On a radio show, the music is normally chosen by the specific presenters whose show it is and since there will be many radio shows which make up the schedule, it’s very hard for everyone to know what has been played already that day. I was lucky that when I had my radio show at the particular station, everyone had very varied music tastes so it tended to be a huge variety but ultimately music choices are chosen by the presenters and not the radio station. I’m not too sure about TV music channels though, that might be easier to regulate.
    I do have a basic knowledge of one commercial station, capital and I think (but have no direct experience) that they have a list of songs which they are required to play which would be easier to regulate but as far as I am aware, there are more radio stations which let the presenters choose than what are managed by the station. Therefore, in order to regulate radio stations playings of songs, it would have to very much be dependent on how each particular station operates and would be very difficult to regulate generally across all radio stations.
    On another note, I also have a very varied taste in music. I can honestly listen to Kylie Minogue one minute, Paramore the next to country or indie or rock moments later.

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