The "Snowflake" Generation-11/2/18

The “Snowflake” Generation-11/2/18
Hey guys I am back with another blog and this one will be about our generation and we are seen by the older generations. I hope you enjoy my blog.

So guys things are very very different now compared to the generation before us. First of all we have social media now so unlike before it is far easier to be negatively targeted, bullied or harassed. Another massive difference is in the job market. You used to be able to walk into a new job instantly whereas now employers are ridiculously picky and you can barely get any job without experience. Even when you are in the job it is far easier to lose it these days as management just don’t care and will find any reason to get rid of you. As I have been on the receiving end of a pretty unexplained dismissal now I know firsthand how bad it actually is.
The thing I hate most though is when older people demand respect off of us despite referring to us as “snowflakes” who get upset by everything and are super sensitive. The way I see is that respect is earned no matter what age you are and the reason we seem more sensitive is that we have been brought up with social media therefore we’ve always had an outlet to express our feelings about anything.
Mental health awareness is also a massive factor too as in the old days, very few people knew about the effects of poor self care and nowadays all it takes to learn about self care is one simple Google search. There are so many people now who speak about mental health that our generation will always have access to so much information about it and this will only be massively beneficial in helping others with their battles.
When it comes to bullying and harassment, social media needs to massively step in to prevent it as barely anything is done about it these days. Going from experience, someone stalking every sinlge thing you post and harassing you for months isn’t enough for Twitter to do anything about it. Luckily I am a very strong individual who can handle any insult thrown at them but for people who are more vulnerable than I am I feel so sorry for them as they aren’t protected at all on the social media sites they should be able to use without bother.
Anyway guys this is the end of my blog. I’d love for you to share your opinions below about how the older generation see us and portray us as well as showing some love on this post. Thank you for reading guys.

Your feedback is welcomed greatly