How To Make A Relationship Work-22/2/18

How To Make A Relationship Work-22/2/18
Hey guys I am back with another blog and this one will include my tips for making a relationship work. We all want our love to last and I will try my best to give you guys the tips that have worked for me and allowed my relationship with Sophie to reach 13 months.

So guys my first tip is to make as much effort as your partner. Nothing in life works without effort and relationships are definitely up there with the things that require the most effort. Always give 100% in a relationship and I can guarantee you that things have a much better chance of going well.
My second tip is to think about your words before they leave your mouth. I used to be so loose with words and it used to create problems out of nothing. I have now learned to think things through for longer and the problems of the past just don’t happen anymore.
My third tip is to communicate your feelings with your partner quickly and effectively. This is so important because your partner should always be aware of how you feel as they can help you far more than anyone.
My fourth tip is to always listen to your partner. An ignored partner will lose interest in you and doubt you and you never want that to happen. This will only lead to a failed relationship so always make sure that you listen and do it 100% of the time.
My fifth tip is to always make time for your partner. I have always been very good at making time for people and it is a very important thing to do. My current relationship is my fourth and it works so well because of the amount of time we gave each other in order to build it up.
My sixth tip is to never hide anything from your partner. Relationships should involve two people who know everything about each other and it is down to you to tell your partner everything. Relationships never work if there are secrets in them so do your best in order to keep that from happening.
So guys these are my tips for making a relationship work. I hope you all enjoyed my blog and leave your opinions of my tips in the comments as well as mentioning what tips you’d give people.
Thank you for reading.

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  1. Great post. 🙂 … I think each one has a different interaction since we are all so different. I think you need to learn first how your partner works. What things are important to him or her, and build your relationships from there… And be willing to compromise without losing sight of what is important to you.

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