My Opinion of my new blog schedule and why it didn't last-28/2/18

My Opinion of my new blog schedule and why it didn’t last-28/2/18 
Hey guys I am back with a new blog and this one will be about my previous blog schedule and why I chose to change again. It wasn’t working in some aspects although it did allow me a lot of time to produce content. I will now go on to discuss the schedule and why the latest one is far better for me.

So guys my last schedule for my blogging involved me uploading 4 new blogs a week. However, these were all on a Sunday at once. Don’t ask me why I thought this would work because I don’t know either to be perfectly honest with you. Both Sundays that I used this schedule for lead to only one thing happening. One blog was viewed far more than the other three because everyone only seemed to notice the final blog of the four that I uploaded.
As good as having blogs doing amazingly well is, the norm is to want all of your posts to get equal exposure and having a blog heavy day for uploads doesn’t allow for that to happen. The old schedule allowed for some of my posts to get lost in the shuffle and this was only hurting me as a blogger as well as leading to you guys missing some of the posts I had uploaded. Feel free to go back through my posts if you want as there may be content you feel passionate about and want to discuss your feelings about. As always I’d be super appreciative of the time you put into reading my content but even more so now as you’d only have to look back because of me getting my blog schedule so badly wrong.
This is why I changed to uploading every two days. This has helped cut down the inconsistency with viewership on my blogs and lead to a more equal view total. The only exception was my blog about follow/unfollow but this is due to the fact it’s a heavily discussed topic right now on Twitter especially. Even despite this anomally, I feel that I have got things 100% correct with the new schedule as it allows me to keep my blog active and allows you guys to fit my blogs into your life if you enjoy reading them.
I also think by uploading one every two days you guys enjoy them more as you know when the next one is coming and you only need to fit in a small amount of time in order to read it. This has still made it easier for me to produce content as well as I know that if I get two or three posts written on one particular day, I can rest up a little on the next day if I don’t feel as good.
This has allowed me to allow myself self care time that can keep me energised and motivated so that I can continue to blog long term. My growth in engagement, likes and followers has also picked up a lot more too so that encourages me to stick with a schedule that you guys clearly enjoy more. I can also spend time talking to you guys on social media and this is just a win win for everyone.
Tell me in the comments how you feel about this new schedule and be sure to look through my posts to see if you missed any during the old schedule. I always appreciate your feedback as it helps us grow a fine, engaging community on my blog. I want this to be a place for sensible discussion about the blog topic at hand and for any other discussion too.
Thank you for all of the wonderful support guys and thank you for reading.

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  1. I have 2 set days a week to upload, Wednesday’s because i dont have college and Saturdays because everyones at home from school and stuff so i find it works well for my schedule and for my readers!x

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