Being A Human Hate Magnet-4/3/18

Being A Human Hate Magnet-4/3/18
Hey guys I am back with another blog and this one is about my life and how easy it has been for me to draw hate for no reason in particular from people. It has made my life a bit difficult at times but I will now say how it feels being able to draw heat from people and how I deal with it.

I have been able to be hated very easily since I was at school to be honest. I was bullied throughout and for no known reason whatsoever. I am guessing that part of it was due to the fact I had a support teacher throughout primary school and early in high school. This was the case because of how much my Asperger’s affected me when I was younger. It was horrible because I was always told I was a “downie” or “special.” Funny thing is that I was always called these by people that I had better exam results than.
As a result of the constant targeting I developed depression when I was still in my mid teens. I just couldn’t handle it day in and day out and my school just didn’t seem to care. I could have easily chosen to leave school at the end of my 4th year of high school or even 5th but somehow I stuck in and got through my final year so managed to last the full 6 years.
I am also partial to being the betrayal magnet too. Since I left school the amount of people that have acted like they care about me but then all of a sudden changed and started hating me is very high. I have no idea why either but I guess that people are just shitty and that I don’t need them. I think this will always continue but I don’t care anymore because I’m far stronger now than ever before.
I speak my mind so much now and if people don’t want the truth then they shouldn’t ever listen to me because that’s all that I will ever speak. In my life I’ve dealt with death threats, bullying, betrayal and so much more but it’s made me far stronger than I ever thought I was. I will only continue to get stronger so never expect me to stay down because it’s just not ever gonna happen.
Thanks for all of the wonderful support on my blogs guys. I hope you share your opinions of my blog in the comments and continue to enjoy my content.
Thank you for reading.

18 thoughts on “Being A Human Hate Magnet-4/3/18

  1. People hate differing opinions which is unfortunate. New and even unpopular opinions are how we learn and grow as individuals. People don’t need to always agree, but need to learn to accept people for who they are.
    Sorry to hear you have experienced so much hate and bullying throughout your life. Sounds like those negative experiences have helped shape you into a strong person!

  2. I was a victim of bullying in secondary, for some of the same reasons but I overcame it if I knew to not stoop to their level and eventually found. Teenagers often abuse others cos of an insecurity they have within themselves so project it to others to make themselves feel better.
    A bad trait I recently found we have as humans is that we misunderstand or misconstrue what people do and say so easily. I’ve been guilty of it at times myself and trying to work on that.
    Anyway lad you found better people, including your other half. You didn’t deserve any of the shit you went through and you’re stronger for coming through it all

  3. Sorry to hear that you experienced a tough time growing up, Paul. Kids are cruel & high school brings out the worst in people. You certainly learn from that experience & grow from it. I’m glad you speak your mind now & don’t bother about what others have to say. Haters gonna hate.

  4. You faced a tough time and grown even stronger then what you should have been if not faced the problems ….Now you are much more brighter and happier then before because you practice truth no matter what …And that’s marvellous ..Many people try but couldn’t achieve that … Congratulations ….

  5. Inspirational! It’s not always easy to share these kinds of stories and I’m glad you did, man. Well done making it through and becoming stronger. Keep being truth cos the truth shall keep setting you free.

  6. Bullying is awful i was bullied at school but it says more about the bullies than it says about me. I live a much more positive life and cut people out who are negative it’s the best way.

  7. I am sorry you had a hard time at school, when I hear bulling stories it makes me so sad – I have young kids who are at school, one of them has a support teacher too, and I worry about him constantly, so far he is doing really well. Much like you he is his very own person, doesn’t conform and doesn’t shy away from stating what he likes and what he thinks. I try to support him as much as I can, so that like you, he will maintain his truth. Thank you for being an inspiration – I love following your work.

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