Never believe everything you hear-14/3/18

Never believe everything you hear-14/3/18
Hey guys I am with another blog and this one is about my opinion of rumours and why you shouldn’t believe any of them. I always believe in the fact that only hearing one side of the story is stupid and in this blog I am gonna give my reasons for this.

The first time I ever came across a situation that involved quick judgement about someone who had apparently done wrong I immediately panicked. I hate drama more than ever and even when I was only just turning 19 this was the case.
So basically my friend was in a relationship with someone and the girl he was going out with fell out with her best friend who I was close to at the time. Everyone turned on the girl immediately even though none of us witnessed what happened. I lost friends for still choosing to talk to the girl despite this and it was purely because it was unfair for me to make a judgement.
Basically as mentioned before in previous blogs this was the girl who ended up saving my life when I was close to suicide. This goes to show why you should never listen to everything that you hear from people because they only give you one side of the story and it may not be 100% true. From experience it’s often very exaggerated and far from the truth.
This may be the prime example of why I believe that it doesn’t matter what everyone tells you about someone but it’s not the only example. I have plenty of others from my own life and I see drama going on across social media all of the time and I never fully believe in any of it. If everyone believed the things that have been said about me I’d have nobody at all as I’ve been called all sorts of pure evil things. I’ve been accused of bullying women, lying about things and being emotionally manipulative for starters.
None of that is remotely true and thank you for the people who never bought into the bullshit when it was aired across social media at the time. I am also very respectful of the fact that if people I’m friends with choose to speak to someone I haven’t got on with too. You should never have a problem with who your friends choose to speak to because at the end of the day it’s their choice. Just because it didn’t work out for you with them doesn’t mean they’ll be the same with your friend.
Anyway guys this has been my short discussion about what you hear regarding people on the internet. Remember to find out about them for yourself and believe in your own judgement and nothing else.
Thank you for all of the amazing support on my blogs guys and thank you for reading.

4 thoughts on “Never believe everything you hear-14/3/18

  1. So true! I’ve said this on social media many times, listening and communicating effectively to people can go some way to preventing issues from escalating if not solving them entirely

  2. This is so true! I see it every day. People only getting one side of the story and taking it at face value! Not only does it hurt the person itโ€™s about, but it destroys friendships and relationships!

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