Would I Want To Be A Parent?-16/3/18

Would I Want To Be A Parent?-16/3/18
Hey guys I am back with another blog and this one is about a question I’ve been asked a couple of times and it is whether I’d want to be a parent or not. I feel like I’ve been asked this because of how great my relationship with Sophie is. We are now 14 months into it and I never want it to end. I will now go on to say what I make of our bond and whether I’d want to be a parent or not.

So for me the first thing I’d always want to give a kid is a financially stable household where great food and shelter are always provided. I don’t feel like I could do this right now as I am not in employment currently and don’t have endless pits of money available in my bank account. I’m not 100% struggling but I also can’t just go and buy every single thing I want or need. Sophie and I still live with my mum and sister too and at the moment moving out isn’t really possible. This has to be the first step once I am working and with my ability to save and careful planning we could maybe manage it in a year or two.
The 2nd thing I need to consider is my energy levels being very inconsistent. A child needs someone with so much energy to look after them and right now that really isn’t me. I may only be 23 but I’ve had too many health problems of late to look after someone so little. My sleep pattern being so inconsistent would be helpful down the line if we ever were to have kids but right now my health coupled with the fact Sophie has her own business to run and put all of her time and energy into comes first.
I feel weird that I haven’t been in a position to have kids already because my mum was pregnant with me at 17 and she gave birth to me exactly 4 months after she turned 18. The times have changed but I do plenty of people from school etc who have had kids young but it’s not the right time for us.
Our relationship has been by far my longest and strongest and there will be plenty more of it to come as I love Sophie with all of my heart and she shows me every single day that she feels the exact same. We may have a little family of our own in the future but right now we will just continue to build each other up and make new exciting moments and plans with each other. I’ve been asked when we would get married already too but we feel like we don’t need that to love each other so much and that’s just how good we go together. I hope for millions more days with Sophie and every day will be special to me.
Anyway guys this has been my blog post. I hope you all enjoyed it thoroughly and continue to show the wonderful support that you have so far. Be sure to leave your opinion of having kids below along with your opinion of my content.
Thank you for reading.

4 thoughts on “Would I Want To Be A Parent?-16/3/18

  1. Times definitely have changed. I think nowadays it’s kind of am I in a place where having kids is even an option or not kind of question. For myself time and money restrict me even thought I’m well into the age where the “normal” age to have kids is. Do I want to? Yes, but will it happen? TBD. Relatable topic, thanks 👍

  2. better to not have a kid when you’re not certain you’re ready for it. I see so many mothers yelling at their kids constantly and not paying attention to them because they weren’t ready to have them. Sometimes people have kids simply because that’s what everyone else is doing or because their parents put pressure on them to give them grandchildren. I could never commit myself to a kid, so I decided never to have one, and I’m glad of it. Being a parent means giving your whole soul, more than a hundred percent of yourself.

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