A Message to the enemy-20/3/18

A Message to the enemy-20/3/18
Hey guys I am back with a blog that is an extra to the one that is already scheduled for today and I am really not messing around anymore. I feel like I have do this post based on recent events and I’m just saying any negative comment will be deleted when I see it so just don’t even bother as it’s a complete waste of time.

So guys I have had another dealing with the person I spoke about in a blog just before Christmas. It is now my number 1 most viewed blog ever all because of the backlash that came from it. This is purely because people hate me and couldn’t resist trying to take me down. Anyway as you can tell this never ever worked because I am still far too strong for any bullshit to destroy me.
The worst thing about this is that the person always acts like the victim and misses out so many key facts every single time she mentions things to do with me. Even though this thing happened 20 months ago now it will never leave my life because of the massively immature grudge she holds against me. Lets get into the facts that she leaves out every god damn time. These include:
Admitting she hurt me so bad I reacted to it by having a panic attack and blocking her
Admitting she had to get her cousin to beg me to be friends with her again
Offering me a job in her place of work
Admitting she knows exactly who is stalking me but keeps getting them to do it every time we fall out
That her friends follow me on Twitter just so she can bitch about me in group chats
She tried to control me and get me to stop saying how I feel or having any opinion
Lashing out and me and giving very shit excuses to justify it
Admitting that her cousin also tried to talk to me just so that she could manipulate the girl into hating me by lying to her
Admitting that she always messaged me to fake apologies so that I’d think the world of her again
Admitting that she was upset at times and I was the first one there for her and that I stayed up late regardless of how tired I was to make her feel better
I think that is all of the facts she missed out. I have fully admitted how wrong I was at times with her but how can she honestly expect me to just take everything that people dish out at me when she’s played the victim? I used to care so much about her and I treated her like a best friend and like family but it was always thrown back in my face constantly.
If you dish out emotional abuse to someone so badly that they have a panic attack and have to be held by their friends while in tears then you will never get away with that in life and especially from someone like me who was taught to say exactly how they feel and to stand up for themself regardless of who comes calling. I should never have had to deal with the shit that I have but if someone who is incredibly smart and supposed to be a mature university student can’t admit she’s wrong and stop the hate towards me then it happens. I’ve dealt with hate for large parts of life and I’m pretty immune to it now because of the frequency.
I want to bury this mess so fucking badly and get on with my life and for her to get on with hers she needs to drop the petty high school grudge and grow up. I was sorry for the damage I caused but she never has genuinely been sorry. She’s been good at saying it but never showing it. It was the usual messing me around like she wanted to be friends too but then drops me like a stone because my mental health means nothing and hers should be all that matters. I’m sorry but no chance. You fucked up as much as I did and that’s not okay. If you had any decency you’d get people off of my back and admit the things I mentioned. I hate liars so I’m not associating with them anymore.
I’m 24 in May and I feel like I’m 70 with the stress this situation has caused me over the months. I’m not even a bad person either which is the funny thing. Bad people don’t have constant support, people going to them for advice constantly, people saying they’ve helped them mentally and a relationship that is now 14 months long. I’m burying this chapter of my life and hopefully you can be an adult and drop the grudge. I dropped mines well over a year ago now and my mental health is perfect so you can do exactly the same if you want happiness.
Thanks for the support on my content guys. I am now done and if you know who this is about then please don’t give her hate. The community we have is amazing and I hate the attack dog mentality I see from her side so don’t be like them. I also won’t be answering any questions on the matter and as I stated at the beginning negativity will be immediately deleted from the comments section.
I’m done.

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          1. Pretty much. It’s hard airing out what happened only to get more heat and half assed apologies. This girl told me to kill myself, called my daughter names, bitched about me on her blog and social media numerous times and even after I tried to clear the air she was still doing it. But, oh no, I’m a liar and obsessed. This girl hurt me more than her getting cheated on, but I’m horrible. Sorry… Just feel lile I’m alone so it was nice to read someone else who has been through it. So yeah, I’m sorry you’re going through it too..

  1. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with it too. The worst is how they can still manage to make everything feel like your fault. I’m sick of it. I really thought it was over. I know what I did wrong. I shared it on my blog. She won’t be happy until my HUSBAND hurts me back.

          1. Sometimes people just can’t stand to let someone move on and be happy. It looks like you are now and your stalker can’t stand it. Hang in there. I know it’s hard sometimes… Especially when they seem to know where it hurts the most.

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