Escaping Your Demons-20/3/18

Escaping Your Demons-20/3/18
Hey guys I am back with another blog and this one is a little discussion about how great it is to escape the demons of your past. I have been through hell and back because of a few situations in my life and I expect that you’ve probably all been through similar things at some point too. Let’s get into it.

So guys there was this one girl that I have spoken about before and I couldn’t seem to escape her at all. Because of how fragile I was mentally I kept letting her back into my life but lately I have kept her out of it. The last contact I had with her was in October 2016 and I’m so relieved that things are now over.
Another situation I’ve had to deal with is a stalker on my social media but mainly Twitter. This appears to have stopped now but it was brutal to deal with someone who was super obsessed with my life and trying to stop me from being happy. Imagine having to deal with someone stalking every single tweet for 18 months through multiple accounts. I eventually grew immune to the crap I dealt with but it was so hard at first. It all happened because of petty fallouts with a friend but now that I’m on good terms with that friend the stalker has backed off.
Escaping your demons is such a wonderful thing and I will give you guys the advice that I was given months ago. I was told to always leave the past in the past and to just focus on the present. This worked wonders for my happiness and I stopped thinking what if all of the time. Focus on the good and your life will go well. From experience your own thoughts are your worst enemy but you can control them so do exactly that.
This has been a short blog about escaping the demons from my past. Thank you for reading guys and thank you for the amazing support you have shown me throughout my blogging journey.

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  1. Ironically, I also had a social media stalker. This was last year, about June time. Basically, there was someone I worked with who was a complete dodgy person & emotionally abusive. Both I and he were a fan of a specific singer and had got meet & greet tickets to this person’s gig (obviously bought separate of course.) I worked with this guy twice a week for about 2-3 hours each occasion so eventually, he found out that I also had a meet & greet to this gig. The night before he messaged me wanting to meet before it and get something to eat and go together so I ignored his message. Because I didn’t feel comfortable knowing this person who made me feel anxious could see me & come up to me at the gig, I arranged to meet someone I had been speaking to for a few months in an online forum thing who I knew was also going to the gig. Knew barely anything about the person but it was all good at the gig/etc. But then I met them a second time (they legit only picked me up from work to drive me home one day.) They asked me out on a date when they had reached my house and I was creeped out because I knew nothing about them other than the fact that they were also a fan of the same singer as me. The guy barely spoke both the times we met and just listened to me speaking. However, he didn’t take the hint after I said no and legit for at least 3 months but most likely about 6 months was stalking me on Twitter, Instagram & my FB page. Every time I posted a new blog post, was liking the social media posts promoting it and half the time, I would tweet and like all my tweets. I would go on his twitter and he barely followed anyone and every single liked tweet was one of mine. Couldn’t imagine 18 months. So glad it’s stopped for both of us!!
    There have also been toxic people I kept letting back but finally stopped as well and honestly, the less toxic people there’s been in my life, the happier I have become.

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