Blog With My Girlfriend 3-24/3/18

Blog With My Girlfriend 3-24/3/18
Hey guys I am back with another blog and for this one I will be joined by my girlfriend. I had been writing ones with her before but as she has been busy with her business we’ve only got around to doing more now to go with the two that we had written together before. Stay tuned for our blog now as we talk about the fourteen months that we have been in a relationship together.

The fourteen months I have had with Paul have been some of the best I have had in life.  Before I met Paul I wasn’t looking for or too bothered about whether I was in a relationship, but I am so glad I met him.  I moved in with Paul after about five months, which I know to some people may  be far far too soon but for us it felt like the right time.  We have been so many places together in and around Scotland and it feels great to have seen all the different things and places with Paul.
I was the same before Sophie too. Relationships before her had went horribly for me and just a week before I had first spoken to Sophie I tweeted out that I was staying single and maybe getting back into the grind of making Youtube videos. To this day I have went nowhere video making and I barely have time to game each day now as I’m always busy exploring new roads and places with Sophie as well as growing physically and mentally with her. The fourteen months that we have been together have went so well and I cannot wait for what is to come in the future.
In some ways I feel bad that I have basically stopped Paul from doing his things on Youtube again but on the other hand I am so glad we have built up what we have.  I don’t mean that to sound bad or whatever but I guess things just happen in life, a thing I have learned alot recently.  I have been so glad to have Paul in my life as my rock, to support me and to just be there for me.  In November 2017 there were two loses in my family in a very short space of time.  Firstly, my Aunt Kate who had been very ill for a long time with an awful illness sadly passed away in the middle of November and then less than a fortnight later my Gran fell ill and passed away, this was something nobody expected to happen to my Gran as it was so sudden.  This was a very distressing and upsetting time for me and I am so grateful Paul was there to get me through it all and support me.  When I started my business too, I didnt really have the confidence to be able to do that kind of thing, but thanks to encouragement from Paul, I finally decided to do it after alot of reluctance.  He has helped me develop in so many ways and I love him for it.  I hope he feels the same way if I have helped him.
The worst of my mental health situations came before Sophie was in my life but while she has been in it there has been some difficult situations to deal with. I had been struggling with rejection from jobs that I had applied for last year and I built up a feeling that left me thinking that I was never gonna get one. She’s also helped me deal with a lot of the crap that’s came from people throwing their two cents into situations that don’t involve them. I do take an unbelievable amount of hate from people who will never know me but Sophie sees the real me and constantly supports me when the hate comes. We just work as the best team ever and we take every problem each other has and bulldoze through it. I’ve had some real disappointment so far in 2018 with my gran being in hospital as well as losing my job because of a lack of work in January. I have also had to deal with a trip to hospital because of my stomach and I now have dental treatment to come and I know that it’ll always be okay because I have Sophie by my side.
I hope you have enjoyed reading about Paul and I’s relationship.  I dont want to sound like one of those soppy couples who share every part of our relationship, believe me, we arent.  There are private things too.  Anyway, I hope you enjoyed! Thank you, Sophie!
I also want to thank you guys for reading and supporting the content as you always keep being so awesome. It’s a big thank you from me, Paul!

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