The F Word-26/3/18

The F Word-26/3/18
Hey guys I am back with another blog and this one is about swearing and one swear word in particular. The swear word I am talking about is fuck. I will now go into my opinion of the f word and my overall opinion of swearing.

So guys I swear quite often. I don’t always mean to but it just happens with me sometimes. I don’t like swearing but sometimes you just need to get that fiery emotion out of your system. However, there are some situations that you just shouldn’t swear in. These are:
Family gatherings
College, school or university
If there are any more must not swear situations then be free to comment below and say what you think. Arguments are probably the most common place for the swear words to be dished out like candy at a kid’s party. Both people in them are at their most fired up and this is never good. From experience it’s horrifying seeing or being caught up with someone who would never normally swear become so angry that even they swear.
At the end of the day we shouldn’t be swearing at all but it’s perfectly okay to let out one or two on your own if you are frustrated. This tactic used to help me calm down so much and it also includes all of the other emotions in your system. I am a naturally fiery person but if you aren’t then it’s always good to find an effective way of removing the emotion from your system.
As for the word fuck, I purely only use it in moments of panic. I say “oh shit” or “oh fuck” a lot when I’m surprised or I forget something that is important. I’ve done this since I was very young because I grew up around my family and they are all swore quite frequently. At times it got me into trouble with them because they didn’t want me to swear but I was rather impressionable so it happened. I don’t think it’s right to say the f word but it can accidentally slip out so you just need to make sure it slips out at the right time and not infront of anyone.
Feel free to leave your opinion of swearing and the f word in the comments below guys and also feel free to share any stories of times when you’ve swore when you shouldn’t have.
Thank you for the amazing support on my blogs guys and thank you for reading.

10 thoughts on “The F Word-26/3/18

  1. Problem for me, too. But Iโ€™ve learned to be creative when I must vent. My parents always said cuss if you need to, but it only shows your lack of vocabulary. So, wtf slips out once in awhile, but mostly creative cussing without the actual cuss words if I can.

  2. This was so interesting for me to read. I am always cautious of where I am and what language I use. Though, for me school (high school or uni) is still a swear zone for me. It doesn’t bother me when other people swear so I expect the same behaviour from others. I won’t swear around children who aren’t a part of my family (brothers, cousins etc.) but I won’t swear at work or at the shops or somewhere along those lines.

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