Blog Schedule For April and May Series Plans-28/3/18

Blog Schedule For April and May Series Plans-28/3/18
Hey guys I am back with my second blog within 24 hours as I have 2 new series planned for May and I am also gonna explain what ideas I have in store for April. I never normally reveal things early but you have all been so supportive lately so I feel like showing you all the plans for the upcoming months.

April Blog Schedule
1/4/18- April Fools Day
3/4/18- False Weight Assumptions
5/4/18- My Problems With Medicine and Why they are fixed
7/4/18- Why I don’t use Instagram
9/4/18- Being the oldest child
11/4/18- How I stay motivated
13/4//18- Being Shy
15/4/18- My Opinion of marriage
17/4/18- The need for relaxation
19/4/18- What I enjoy most in life
21/4/18-My favourite food
23/4/18- Remembering family
25/4/18- Do I enjoy TV?
27/4/18- Twitter vs Facebook
29/4/18- Being alcohol free for a year
These are all of the posts that will be released in April as well as the dates for their release too. If there is time for more posts with my girlfriend after all of these are written then I may do more blogs with her if she is free to write too.
May Series 1
So my first series that I will be releasing in May will be called “My honest take on…” and it will consist of me giving my honest opinion on a subject. I want to involve you guys too so when I post the first blog of this series you can leave topics in the comments of what you want me to discuss. I want interact with you guys more therefore I feel like this will help that. I will post this series twice a week too.
May Series 2
My second series will be called “My weekly thoughts” and it will be posted once a week. It was also be the last post of each week and this means I can look back at the week just gone by. I will be looking to discuss a number of things in these posts such as blogging, social media etc. You guys can also get involved by leaving comments about things going on that you want me to discuss as well as leaving your own opinions of what I discuss too. I want to build an engaging blog community on my blog so the support from you guys is a big part of that.
This has been my plans for April and May guys. I will post a schedule for May if you want me to closer to the time like I have with this one. Thank you for all of the wonderful support and thank you for reading.

4 thoughts on “Blog Schedule For April and May Series Plans-28/3/18

  1. Hi Paul!
    Thank you for being an inspiration for getting me to write more “me related” blog posts – I have been getting wrapped up in helping others that I have been falling away from the way I used to write. Now that that’s out of the way, your planned topics sound amazing and I’m excited about your two upcoming series!
    Keep up the great work!
    CiCi | Navigation To Happiness

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