Blog With My Girlfriend 4-30/3/18

Blog With My Girlfriend 4-30/3/18
Hi there, it’s Sophie on behalf of Paul doing this introduction.  We are back with another blog from both of us to tell you all random facts about ourselves.  Here goes!

Fact number one from Paul- I probably have one of the most ever changing sleep patterns known to humans.
Fact number one from Sophie- A lot of people are amazed at my height, which is just over 6ft.
Fact number two from Paul-I am 5ft10 which surprises people because I was taller than a lot of people my age as a kid.
Fact number two from Sophie- Although I’m not really one to read horoscopes, my star sign is Leo with my Birthday being in August.
Fact number three from Paul- I don’t believe in horoscopes but there has been a few days where my horoscope has almost matched exactly how that day ended up going.
Fact number three from Sophie- My first car was a little Fiat Punto.
Fact number four from Paul- Gaming has been a lifelong hobby for me. I have owned an Nintendo 64, GameBoy, Gameboy Advanced, Gamecube, PS1, PS2, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, PS3, Wii and now I currently use my PS4.
Fact number four from Sophie- I have had many hobbies over the years which include dancing classes, golf, karate, drawing etc.  I do not do any sport or outdoor related hobbies at the moment however I still draw from time to time and I am definetely going to try and do more exercise even if it is just at home.
Fact number five from Paul- I am majorly left handed nowadays but I could write with my right hand a lot when I was younger as a result of fracturing my left wrist therefore being unable to write with that.
Fact number five from Sophie- I have been to a few concerts over the years.  I have seen Lady Gaga, Biffy Clyro, You Me at Six, Enrique Iglesias, Adrian Edmondson & The Bad Shepherds, The Script, and last but my favourite of all of them Anastacia.
Fact number six from Paul- I have never been abroad in my entire life. I have made several trips to England but never anywhere else and I had to turn my chance of going abroad to Spain down because of my college induction being when I would have been away.
Fact number six from Sophie- I am the complete opposite to Paul, having been many holidays in different parts of Spain over the years and also Malta.  In August 2016 I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to go to New York with family and my 21st birthday happened to fall on the second day of the holiday so it was pretty amazing.
Fact number seven from Paul- My music taste is highly varied and has been for a number of years now. I can listen to older music like Guns and Roses then be listening to chart music or DJ Music.
Fact number seven from Sophie- In 2014 during her tour of shows, I met Dawn French and got her autograph.  I, along with many others seen her shortly after the show in Glasgow at the stage door which was actually very close to the main entrance to the theatre.  Dawn French is one of my idols along with Jennifer Saunders.  I more or less grew up watching French and Saunders sketches on TV so to meet Dawn was a dream come true and it is great to have a token of that with her autograph too.  Now I would absolutely love to meet Jennifer!
Fact number eight from Paul- My lucky number has always been 7 and I have no idea why. I used to always get this number on the back of football kits that I had bought when I was younger too and it’s stuck with me for life.
Fact number eight from Sophie- I am pretty fussy when it comes to hygiene etc.  In school I always used to carry hand sanitiser in my bag for little things like before eating at lunch, because lets face it you never know how many germs you have on your hands! That is something that has stuck with me and I always feel I have to carry hand sanitiser everywhere and I keep it in the car with me too.
Fact number nine from Paul- My mental health is at it’s best because of Sophie and it will hopefully always stay this good because of what we have together.
Fact number nine from Sophie- I will agree with Paul on his previous fact.  My mental health has also got so much better since being with Paul.
Fact number ten from Paul-Sophie is the best person ever and she has had the most positive impact on my life.
Fact number ten from Sophie- Again, I will agree with Paul and throw it right back at him.  He has been there through tough times and when friends have been absolute idiots.  He has made me see beyond the bad things.
Anyway guys this has been our facts. I hope you all enjoyed reading them and getting to know both myself and Sophie throughout this blog. Thank you again from Paul!
I also hope you have all enjoyed our random fact blog.  Thank you, Sophie!

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