April Fools Day-1/4/18

April Fools Day-1/4/18
Hey guys we have now arrived at April and this makes me notice that this year is going bloody fast. April Fools Day was always a fun one growing up in Scotland because each year people use some pretty strange April Fools Day pranks that were either boring as hell or insanely funny. In this blog I will go through my experiences of April Fools Day and in the comments below feel free to leave any of your own experiences.

So the first and probably most common prank I know of is that people joke to their parents either that they are pregnant or that their girlfriend is pregnant. I used to find it funny to see how crazy the parents’ reactions were but nowadays there’s nothing new about it so it is pretty boring. Another common one is that people who are together pretend that they are getting married. This has also got insanely boring to see the reactions plus to me it just ruins the excitement of when the people who joked about it are actually getting married.
Another small prank I used to see is that people swapped the labels on salt and sugar jars so other people in their house would put salt in their tea and coffee instead of sugar. I find it amusing but even now I would never do it as it’s such a small thing. Another prank that I’m amazed anyone ever fell for was by pouring water out of the bottle in the fridge and replacing it with vodka. I find this one so flawed though because surely you’d smell the alcohol? It’s not like there isn’t a strong smell to vodka either. It is stronger than most things.
Overall, my opinion of April Fools Day is that the prank side of things is very limited these days as most things aren’t original therefore aren’t as funny these days. New, original things would be pretty funny but they are pretty hard to come by.
In the comments feel free to leave your opinions of April Fools Day as well speaking about any cool pranks you know of that people used to do on this day.
Thank you for the amazing blog support guys and thank you for reading.

4 thoughts on “April Fools Day-1/4/18

  1. April fools day was never a big thing where I grew up, I remember people mainly playing the truth/lie game or whatever it’s called, seems like you have a better experience with that:) I’m not a fan of pranks, I am mostly nervous about people loosing the balance between funny and mean, so I am mostly relieved when it passes with as little fanfare as possible. Sorry if I’m being a bit heavy…

  2. I’ve never participated in April Fools day but I love pranks year round. This year I’ll say my boyfriend got me really good by telling me that his ex wants him back and he’s considering going back to her. He quickly told me it was a prank but not before I was on the verge of attack lol 😂. However, one thing I noticed was how fast this year is going by too! Like it’s already April! Like I was JUST reading New Years Resolutions it feels like!

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