False Weight Assumptions-3/4/18

False Weight Assumptions-3/4/18
Hey guys I am back with another blog and this one is about not only my journey with my weight but also assumptions that people make about weight than just aren’t true whatsoever. Let’s get right into this topic then.

So my weight has never been that consistent. I used to be really slim at one point but I’ve been up and down over the years. I’ve never really been able to keep a consistent exercise routine too because of my ever changing sleep pattern. I always get into a good routine and then ruin it eventually as I either end up busy or staying awake all night and sleeping during the day. I hope that one day I will be able to get a good routine and regain fitness but I’m as well as I’ve been physically for quite a while so I don’t want to ruin that by doing anything drastic.
A big thing I see a lot on social media which I hate so much is that you are automatically fat if you don’t have a flat stomach. I hate it so much because a lot of people that think that they are fat are so far from it and also thinner than me. It all comes down to confidence and we should help each other feel comfortable in our own skin when it comes to body shape and size.
Another assumption I see is that you are lazy and lack ambition if you are overweight. There is so much wrong with this because there are so many reasons why people are overweight and a lot of them are actually out of the person’s control. Some people put on weight due to the effects of tablets or even their metabolism being worse than that of others. A big reason for me putting on weight at different times is that I was too ill to do exercise without feeling really faint. As a result of this, eating anything like pizza, chocolate etc made me put on weight purely by looking at it. I also don’t like the taste of very many foods and I also have illness issues when I change my diet therefore it’s much harder for me to eat healthily and I’d also need to do a ton more exercise if I wanted to become more healthy.
Another assumption I see that absolutely does my head in is that anything above a female size 6/8 or above average for a guy is plus size. I see girls especially get considered plus size even though they are nowhere near plus size and are way thinner than me. I hate how this causes so many body confidence issues too because thin is portrayed as perfect and perfection is a total myth anyway. I feel like nobody is perfect and looks are included in this as people have completely different preferences. For example, some people only go for really thin people but then others will go for bigger people only. This has also lead to plus size modelling being a really popular thing now and especially in America there are some women who try to get really large on purpose because they have so much confidence in their body and due to the fact that there are men who like women who are very large.
Another assumption I see is that people chose to be overweight or obese. This isn’t always completely true. Yes there is some cases where it is entirely the person’s fault or choice like I have explained above but there are other reasons. Eating food is as strong an addiction as smoking or drinking alcohol so this leads to people eating more when they are struggling mentally as they turn to food for comfort as a way of fighting their mental health battle. I feel like we definitely shouldn’t judge anyone for their weight as we don’t know what has went on in their life to cause their weight issues.
Anyway guys this has been my discussion about false weight assumptions. I hope you all enjoyed reading this blog and if you wish you can leave your opinion of my content as well as your opinion of your own weight battle or social media trends regarding weight below.
Thank you for reading.

8 thoughts on “False Weight Assumptions-3/4/18

  1. My husband struggles with his weight and itโ€™s just annoying how everyone also loves to point it out. I struggle with being underweight, same thing. Why is it anyoneโ€™s business? Why do we have to be so judgemental on something that shouldnโ€™t matter to anyone but who owns the body. This was a great article, a lot of points I havenโ€™t even thought of. Thank you for posting!

  2. This is such a great post๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ. I struggle with being underweight. This actually did help me. Cause Iโ€™ve been struggling with how small I am and I keep getting people making jokes about me just disappearing but you know what it really is all about health. And you do what you can.

  3. Great post! I can relate with wanting to be healthy and to have a stable weight, but it’s hard. I hate feeling bad about myself just because others think my weight is too “big” a number, when I’m pretty happy with my body and working on my health without others input.

      1. I agree as long as weโ€™re trying thatโ€™s all that matters because in the end itโ€™s our own health! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

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