A Bonus Blog-My Thank You Message-4/4/18

A Bonus Blog-My Thank You Message-4/4/18
So guys I know I blog every 2 days but I felt the need to do a little blog in order to thank you guys for the wonderful support you have shown me since the 16th of August where my blogging journey began on WordPress. Let’s get into it.

So guys if you don’t know I started off as a mental health blogger. I thought by doing that I could help you guys out so much with your battles by providing stories of what I went through. Over time I covered so much in such a short space of time that I couldn’t do it anymore. I have still had little battles here and there with my own mental health but I have been in a great place recently therefore it made things harder to write about because nothing bad happened to me.
I am now a blogger who isn’t afraid to say how he feels and I always try to get straight to the point in everything I say and do no matter what the opinion is. You guys seemed to embrace that side of me and I want to thank you all so much for that. I did lose followers and engagement from some people because they were here for the mental health content but I am completely okay with that. I love how diverse my following is on this blog and it is special to me because I feel like this isn’t just my blog, it’s yours too. I have a community through my blog and I feel like we can discuss topics in a mature manner while learning about each other.
I have achieved so much on this blog and none of it would have happened without the support of you guys. I can’t put how much I appreciate it into words but you have all improved my life by helping me believe in myself and that’s something that is worth its weight in gold. I will continue to work super hard on the content that I create and if you ever wish to give your opinion of my content or have anything you’d want me to discuss in a blog just comment below about the topic of your choice. I would also love to work with other bloggers on content too in the future if the time and topic was right so never feel like you can’t ask me to work with you as I am a big fan of collabs.
I also want to come up with a name for our community too as well as a nickname for myself personally. I’d love for you guys to suggest both because you deserve the choice for being so awesome. I love the names “Super Squad” or “Star Squad” but feel free to leave your suggestions down below. I would love to see what you guys come up with.
I will be back with another blog at some point in the next 24 hours too so stay tuned for that but in the mean time thank you for the amazing support as well as reading all of my content.
Stay awesome and most definitely:

Stay Shining!!

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  1. It’s so crazy how I also wanted To come up with a nickname for my subscribers! I was just thinking about it yesterday but couldn’t think of anything at all. I love Star Squad! I vote for that name:). We, your supporters, love your blog. I’m glad you’re able to so freely express YOUR own unique voice!

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