My Medicine Problem Is Fixed-5/4/18

My Medicine Problem Is Fixed-5/4/18
Hey guys I am back with another blog and this one will be about my relationship with medicine throughout my life and why I haven’t had an easy time of it when it comes to medicine. I will now go on to explain what problems I have had with medicine and why I seem to have solved them nowadays.

Growing up was tough for me because of the fact I not only couldn’t swallow tablets, I also grew immune to the effects of them very quickly. This lead to me being ill for so long and so often therefore feeling drained and barely sleeping constantly. I’ve had severe stomach problems for a number of years too and this has been the toughest thing I’ve had to deal with except my battle with depression and anxiety.
My stomach would swell and be very sore when my anxiety was really bad too. This made my life a living hell because even to this day I have to be super careful about what I eat and what I do. I can’t do anything if I’m not 100% on whether I want to do it or not and I can’t do basic things like a lot of phone calls to strangers or things that make me even slightly nervous like hanging out in groups of people or going to super busy places.
For example, going into Glasgow City Centre on a bus for me is a thing I need to take my time with. It may seem like such a basic thing but when you suffer from claustrophobia and have skin that breaks out in itches and rashes when you are too warm it can be such an ordeal. There has been times where I had to get off a bus a few stops early because I could feel my anxiety getting worse and my skin flaring up. I am glad that I am getting better at coping with things like that as nobody should have to feel that way or deal with issues that can be triggered by small things.
There are still foods that can cause me issues on some occasions too when it comes to making me feel sick and having a sore stomach. Eventually I should hopefully be able to get over this issue but I can’t even eat cereal or drink milk unless it’s in tea. I do think I have some sort of wheat or other allergy but my doctor has never ever checked for this and has always said I am completely allergy free. I guess I just need to trust them on this occasion then.
Anyway as to the title of this blog, I have began to fix my issues with swallowing tablets. I started to drink water when I was taking them and this has helped me swallow them. I couldn’t ever swallow them but now I can swallow my Omeprazole tablets that I take in order to help my stomach more. It definitely is a long recovery but fixing a problem I had for most of my life was always gonna be a good start. I will hopefully be free of stomach problems one day but I will need to wait on that coming.
Anyway guys this has been my latest blog about my health and my issues with tablets and medicine. Thank you for the amazing support as always and thank you for reading.
Comment below if you have ever struggled with medicine or swallowing tablets. I’d love to understand and read up on how you guys deal with your health battles.

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