Why I Don't Use Instagram-7/4/18

Why I Don’t Use Instagram-7/4/18
Hey guys I am back with another blog and this one is about Instagram and why I don’t use it. I feel like I’m one of the only bloggers who doesn’t use it but I will now go on to explain why so that you guys can understand things from my point of view.

I am camera shy
A big thing about me is that I hate having my photo taken. It has been the case for as long as I remember so I wouldn’t want to upload many pictures of myself to a social media app designed for purely picture taking. I occasionally take photos when I go travelling with my girlfriend Sophie but not enough to use an app to upload them when I already use Twitter and Facebook for this purpose.
Time Constraints
I am constantly on Twitter or working on my blog so I’d be unable to create more time for a different social media app. Even though I am unemployed I still don’t have a great amount of time to get everything done. I still get worried about getting blog posts up on time as well as finding time to eat, sleep, engage on Twitter and watch Youtube videos from the channels I am subscribed too. I also spend a lot of time with my girlfriend so combining stuff like travelling, food shopping and other stuff is absolutely crazy as far as my schedule goes. I also put so much time into building up my Twitter too that I enjoy it way more than anything else therefore I wouldn’t want to take time away from it in order to grow a different social media site.
The Follow/Unfollow Culture
Following people and unfollowing them so quickly in order to make yourself look more popular is such a shit thing to do and from experience it is pretty common on Twitter. It’s bad enough using one app that this act is common on therefore I wouldn’t want the frustration of dealing with it on 2 apps. I have read opinions from so many people too and they all suggest that it is far worse on Instagram than on Twitter and it is pretty bad there so I wouldn’t want to use an app where the problem is bigger.
The Algorithm Doesn’t Encourage Growth
I have seen so many people complain about constant algorithm changes on social media sites but none more than on Instagram. I’ve seen so many tweets saying that their posts aren’t seen by anyone following them unless they click onto their profile and that is so unfair. There is no social media site that should be like that and I’d never want to be involved with a social media app that doesn’t encourage growth to newcomers. Growth on social media is tough enough as it is and takes a shitload of work and time and time is something I’m short on already as explained previously so I won’t be going near Instagram.
Body Shaming occurs a lot
This may seem weird for me to talk about as I don’t get body shamed much at all these days but constant exposure to girls that are models makes girls that aren’t really skinny especially or guys that aren’t full of muscle feel so much pressure and as a result they have lower body confidence and this is the case for many people who use the app. I won’t use an app that creates or portrays an image of perfection or makes people feel shit about their bodies. Nobody should have to change their body based on social media opinions in order to feel comfortable in their own skin. There seems to be a culture that comes from Instagram that all girls have to be a size 6 and all guys have to be built like mad and this is far from okay.
So guys I have summed up the reasons why I won’t use Instagram. I hope you understand my reasons as to why I won’t go near it and I also hope you enjoyed reading my post. Thank you for the amazing support as always.
Leave a comment of your opinion regarding my views and also comment what you think of Instagram.
Thank you.

31 thoughts on “Why I Don't Use Instagram-7/4/18

  1. I don’t use Instagram for my blog either. Facebook and Twitter is all I can keep up with. Instagram is my personal page for friends and family!

  2. Your views are definitely spot on. I have both a personal and blog instagram but I would be lying if I said I haven’t considered deleting it. Social media in general has been making me feel horrible about myself and my blog. You’re not missing much!

      1. Twitter is good but I haven’t really shared my posts. I’m still getting used to it. Facebook is useless. I just use mine to “stay in touch” and have my pictures there. I hate Facebook haha. But thank you. (:

    1. Aw … don’t let social media attack your self-esteem. The sites are set up so that you have to pay to be recognized … it sucks! FB changed their algorithm so that only a select few see posts – unless you pay to have it boosted. sigh.

      1. Thank you! That really is uplifting. Yeah, it sucks because unless you have the money, you won’t get noticed. It drives me nuts but thank you so much. (:

  3. First off love your brutal honesty angle. I’m trying to do that on my blog too in my things that grind my gears section. And about IG I especially agree with the annoying algorithm and body shaming.

  4. Ya, I agree with all of your points. Instagram can be very superficial and as a writer, isn’t necessarily the best match for finding readers who will be engaged with long form content on a blog. Xx Ash // themessylife.com

  5. Instagram is my preferred social media platform simply because I enjoy checking out other people’s photos and I find it a lot easier there than anywhere else. I very rarely include photos of myself so pretty much all my photos are of the places I’m visiting. Not of me.
    I do agree there are issues with the platform – both socially and technically but at the end of the day with anything, you have to take it with face value and realise its just another way of promoting ourselves

  6. I completely understand where you are coming from!
    Instagram is very frustrating with the follow/unfollow culture and I find it can be quite draining.
    However because my blog is a fashion one and I take so much inspiration from all the visuals available on Instagram I can not delete it. I am not the typical size 6 girl and I don’t wear make up on any of my photo shoots. I hope that people will like that I do that and hopefully feel confident enough to do it themselves!

  7. I am dabbling in Instagram but I see so much of what you are talking about. Not really sure how I feel about it as of yet. The follow unfollow thing is crappy. Personally, I think it makes them look nothing more than desperate but, yeah.

  8. I put book covers, quotes and cat pics on mine. A few do theirs just focused on their art or whatever. Doesn’t have to be pictures of yourself. Not trying to talk ya into it just from what I see and use it.

  9. I use Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for my mindfulness coaching – I’m not getting much traffic on Facebook though and even got locked out for two weeks with no reason given. I have more followers on Twitter but enjoy following a few carefully chosen Instagram accounts as I don’t have to sort through retweets. I agree that it can be hard if you start to compare yourself to others (which we all do) We just need to remind ourselves that most of the images we are looking at have been carefully chosen and filtered.

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