How to stay Motivated-11/4/18

How to stay Motivated-11/4/18
Hey, guys, I am back with another blog and this one is to do with motivation and how I make myself motivated. It is incredibly difficult to stay motivated 24/7 but in this blog, I will go through what I do in order to stay at my motivated best.

Non-Blogger Specific Methods
1. Rest up and relax
This a simple yet effective method when it comes to becoming more motivated. If you are pretty tired and feeling unmotivated the best thing to do is just to lie down on your bed and to just chill for a while even if it’s just half an hour or an hour. Rest is absolutely essential and you’ll become burned out if you don’t get enough of it so just remember to allow yourself enough time to take care of your own mind and body.
2. Watch TV or a movie
This a good one for me personally. I just never watch that much on TV but I do when I know I need motivation. I can take a little break from my other thoughts and feelings by focusing on this and as a result, you feel fresher, less stressed and more motivated.
3. Listen to Music
A simple music session with your headphones does way more than you’d imagine. I am very rhythm orientated and listening to my favourite songs or songs with good beats allows me to feel so much more positive about things and in return, this makes me more motivated.
4. Travel
This tactic is seriously underrated to be honest. I think people assume that I’d mean that you need to travel far in order to find your motivational spark but truthfully all it takes is a small walk or a bus or train journey to a nearby area. I used to just get buses around Glasgow and the outskirts of the city in order to find my rhythm because I enjoyed a change of scenery so much and it allowed me to explore new areas. I have now been in every single area in Glasgow and considering that Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland, I am pretty happy about that.
Blogging Specific Methods
I have been blogging for 8 months now and my blogging motivation tactics are ones that have always worked for me and now I want to share them with you.
Random Google Searches
This one is great if you are struggling to be motivated enough to find new blog topics. All you need to do is type in anything you want and you may come across a topic or specific article that you want to discuss with your blog readers.
These are great to be honest. They allow you to work with other bloggers too and grow bonds with new people. I haven’t done any yet but that’s more down to me having time constraints than choice. I will be willing to do more down the line with other bloggers so I will keep you guys up to date with that.
Reading your old blog posts
I love doing this because I’ve written about so many different topics over the 8 months that I have blogged for. I take a read down memory lane every so often to look at what blogs have brought me the most success and engagement as well as finding out what I enjoy writing about most. This usually triggers motivation in me because it makes me wanna build more success with my content than I already have.
Write about what you enjoy most
Everyone has things that they enjoy more than anything else on Earth. If you haven’t covered these before in a blog then when you feel unmotivated is a great time to get to work on a blog about them. This one works for me and it’s also how I started to blog too. Writing about mental health made my motivation reach astronomical levels and it still carries me forward to this day.
My final words
I hope I have managed to offer an array of methods to find your motivation guys. These have all helped me at one stage of my life or another and I hope these can all help you too.
Thank you for the amazing blog support guys and thank you for reading as always.
Stay shining.

21 thoughts on “How to stay Motivated-11/4/18

  1. Collabs are awesome! I’ve only done a couple but I enjoyed them and I enjoy meeting other bloggers! Reading other blog posts (such as yours) also prove as big motivation for me! Love it! I love your tips! A random google search tho I’ve never tried. GREAT tip! Ima try it and if I come up with a post from it ima credit you cause that’s something I’ve never heard advised elsewhere!

    1. So true , sometimes you really feel good to have a good bonding online.
      Like you, couldn’t stop myself sharing it when I saw your comment here.
      Honest blogger, you are really honest. Enjoyed reading your posts after so long as I was little busy in a blogging contest.

  2. When I was in high school I would blog multiple times a day in my livejournal (when you had to get a code from a friend days). Very chaotic blogging them days. I started this blog with topics to focus on. Has helped. I listen to music practically all day & does help a lot.

  3. Great points here! I agree with music, reading and resting/relaxation! I always like to write also, it calms my nerves a lot! Hence why I started blogging lol!

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