Being Shy-13/4/18

Being Shy-13/4/18
Hey guys I am back with another blog and this one is about how I’ve been shy for my entire life and how it has affected me over the years. I am now going to get into the blog so here we go guys.

So in school I was one of the quietest kids by far. Everyone else would be playing together while talking and laughing whereas I’d be sitting on my own being super quiet. I do realise now that this was a lot worse than I realised. I do think it’s okay to have your own time alone here and there but when it’s pretty constant it’s just not healthy. Part of growing up is to interact and learn from the experiences of others. I make up for this these days despite still being pretty shy but that’s more to do with my Asperger’s Syndrome than anything.
I think it’s easier these days because more people are open to understanding and learning more about Asperger’s Syndrome whereas as children barely understand disabilities like that. It caused enough problems for me when trying to understand it and failing so I never expected anyone else to understand it to be honest. I have only had a couple of people within the last few years make an issue with taking time to understand my disability but both of them turned out to be super toxic anyway so I’m not surprised.
Even when I used to go out to nightclubs and pubs I was always the quietest one out of my entire friendship group. I used to be close to about 20/25 people therefore I could have different nights out with different people so regularly. No matter who was out I was like the ghost of the group. I think I’m just naturally a better listener than speaker and I’ve made peace with this too as I want to move forward with my strengths instead of being held back by my weaknesses.
I guess I’m just always gonna be the “shy guy” in life and that’s completely okay to me. I’ve built bonds with great people in my life and I’ve also got a 15 month relationship going as strong as ever right now so being fairly quiet can’t be that bad right?
In the comments below guys I would love for you to say where you fit into your friendship group and talk about any time where you found yourself to be a really shy person.
Thank you for reading and supporting my blogs as always guys. Lets build some engagement with each other in the comments.
Stay shining.

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  1. I’m a pretty shy person when you get to know me, but as I become more comfortable, I am much more outspoken and outgoing. With my friends, most of them wouldn’t call me shy (or maybe they would?). When we go out to a club, while I don’t mind talking to people who approach me, I’m the type that’s super anxious to start dancing and dancing with other people. It’s something I’m working on, and I think I’ve come a long way. Great post xx
    Melina |

  2. I have found that the quietest amongst us often have some of the most profound things to say when they do chime up!
    I used to be SUUUUPER shy. An incredibly introverted child. Then it flipped massively in my mid teens where I became an incredibly loud method and egotistical guy as if to compensate for my quieter years. Thankfully I reigned that in by my early twenties. If I had to choose to go back to being one or the other, I’d rather be quiet and understated than loud and poorly rated!
    Great post, man!
    Much love, friend💛

  3. I’m not shy at all. In fact in my friendships I’m always the most outspoken and outgoing… you’d think it would be a good thing but it keeps me from making genuine friends a lot. Some of my closest friends are shy. In fact one of my best friends Is shy and had really bad social anxiety. And I used to be so jealous of his to himself nature because he always tends to have the same friends forever. I guess since it takes longer for his friendships to form he always knows if they’re real or not. I’m always friendly and talking and I’m always the one thrown off when someone turns. Because I can talk to anybody about anything. And I always meet people who seem so sweet at first… but they tend to not stay that way. And I’m not shy. But I do where my heart on my sleeve and people I let in my life hurt me a lot. Because I literally meet people on a daily and trust too quickly.

    1. Yeah I understand. That’s so horrible. Yeah taking time probably does help. Yeah I wear my heart on my sleeve too so I can relate there. I don’t trust too quickly anymore so it’ll come for you too

  4. When I was younger I definitely was super shy. I think I still am shy now with new people. Though once I get to know someone they can’t get me shut up lol. So I think for me it’s a comfort thing.

  5. I can completely relate to this! I’ve always been seen as shy/quiet. When I was younger definitely, now I wouldn’t say I am as much although I still get told I am. I don’t think I am though because I love meeting new people & I could talk for hours to people about music, I think for me now it depends on the situation & the person ☺️

  6. Oh man, I can totally relate to this. I was painfully shy as a child and even though I’m a bit better now, I still don’t like social situations and I HATE being the centre of attention. It takes me a while to let my guard down with new people but when someone is a good friend I feel I can be myself. I wish I was more outgoing but at the age of 34 I think this is about as outgoing as I’m going to get now! Nice post.

  7. When I was in elementary was super shy as well. Then I never had teachers or adults who were super concerned about it. But as an adult?? I’m having to learn how to socialize and interact with people better.
    As a teacher I make sure to talk with / get kids interacting with one another as best as I can. I don’t want them to be like me lol

  8. I was shy all through elementary school and middle school, mainly because I was living to please others. I was thinking about myself and if I did have friends, I did anything so they would stay my friends because I wanted to fit in. I was that kid who was scared to raise their hand and ask to go to the bathroom. Or the girl who would count the people in front of me to prepare myself to say “here” when the teacher was doing roll call. But by 9th grade, when I started high school, everything changed. I told myself to starting speaking up for myself and not letting people take advantage of me. That is when I began losing friends and seeing who were my real friends. But it was for the better, I found myself and made sure that I would not go back to that shy girl again. I don’t care what people think.

  9. I can totally relate on so many levels with this post. I’m a very shy person mainly down to having to live through so many times of abandonment, traumatic experiences etc, which has brought my trust level down to a whoppin 0%. I s’pose in time I will hopefully rebuild that trust with the world, and I’ll begin coming out of my shell! Great post hun xoxo

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