My Opinion of Marriage-15/4/18

My Opinion of Marriage-15/4/18
Hey guys I am back with another blog and this one is about my opinion of marriage and why I don’t think it is for me or my girlfriend. It is a very popular thing to be involved in but I’ve never been so keen on it and I will now go onto say why.

I don’t like being the centre of attention
One thing I’ve never been comfortable with is being the focus of everyone’s attention. I get so full of nerves and anxiety and my girlfriend is the same to be honest. She has told me very often that she gets uncomfortable when people focus on her too. When it came to presentations in college, even in a class of 20/21 I still got very bad anxiety so I’d never cope with a wedding ceremony when it involves a speech etc. I have only ever been to one wedding in my life too and even as a spectator the number of people there was very overwhelming and made me feel so uncomfortable. I knew so many of them as it was my auntie and uncle getting married but there was just too many for me to cope with and as the space was very limited and I suffer from claustrophobia it was just way too much for me to cope with.
Stress factor from planning is massive
It’s actually insane how much goes into planning a wedding. When I was younger I always thought it was way more straightforward to plan a wedding than it is now. I have friends who are getting married in the near future and having had conversations with them I realised how every single thing has to be perfect and considering how badly stress affects me from time to time I definitely wouldn’t cope well with planning a wedding. I could never manage to create the perfect wedding for Sophie and I because I have so many ideas of what would work but picking out the right venue and sorting out things like invites, catering etc would be too overwhelming for me.
Cost isn’t worth it
This article said it all to me about the cost of weddings. The amount of money that goes into a wedding these days is absurd and both members of the couple need to be in well paid jobs to afford even an average wedding these days. Even if both my girlfriend and I had loads of money we would have so many better things to use it on such as travelling. The fact you need to sacrifice so much in order to save for a wedding is crazy and you shouldn’t have to put such a price on a day that’s meant to be so special.
Relationship is perfect as it is
I am a great believer in the expression, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” and it definitely applies to my relationship with Sophie. We do have off days occasionally but all couples have these. We have the strongest bond I could ever have dreamed and show each other so much love on a 24/7 basis. We both believe that we don’t need marriage to show that we love each other or to remain together for life. We just believe that we can make many happy memories and years together because we work so well. Another reason we think that is that Sophie’s mum and dad have been together since 1990 and are still going strong despite not being married therefore it shows that marriage really doesn’t matter at all. Any relationship can work well without marriage though as it all it takes is a lot of love, commitment, care, honesty, time and effort.
My Final Thoughts
So guys I firmly believe that marriage isn’t for my relationship and I’m so glad that Sophie feels the same way. I am all for making your own choice though so even though I don’t feel like marriage is right for us, I do see that it is right for other couples. I do love seeing wedding photos on social media as there’s just something great about seeing other people at their happiest. Every single day for me with Sophie makes me happy though and I wanna keep building up the special bond we have together.
This has been my opinion of marriage guys. Thank you for reading and supporting my blogs as always guys. In the comments feel free to leave your opinion of marriage as I’d love to communicate with you guys about everything I discuss in blogs.
Stay shining.

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  1. The important thing here is that you and your girl wants the same thing. But I’m not all that over your reasons. I’m getting married myself next year and we have almost no money, so we do it easy and small. I suffer from strong anxiety and yes it’s a bit stressful to plan this. About the money, it doesn’t need to cost that much. A small private ceremony with just the two of you and two witnesses and maybe a family dinner could be enough🙂 A wedding is personal and so many forget that you don’t have it for other ppl. You don’t need 3 main courses or big flowers etc. but I’m so happy you have a great relationship and wish you many happy years together❤️

  2. Weddings aren’t marriage, though. We got married at city hall and then went to dinner, didn’t fool with any of that stuff. I wore jeans, haha.

  3. If you and her are both in agreement, although being married doesn’t mean you have to have a wedding. A simple city hall marriage and it’s the same level of commitment. Which is what marriage is ACTUALLY about. You don’t have to have a wedding like society wants. Great post tho. I think it’s good that at least you and your gf BOTH feel this way so you won’t have any issues. Your common law married after seven years anyway 😂

  4. Both my sisters had weddings. I’m hoping since they had their thing we can sneak and have a city hall marriage thing. But yes, same reason for my skirting around having a ceremony whether large or small I don’t want to be the center of attn.
    I love commemorating things ….just not my stuff…or me… Lol

  5. I got married at the court house…we were broke. I agree that it isnt for everyone, not sure why its pushed so often…the only difference is a piece of paper, and lot of name changing.

  6. When I think about marriage the being the center of attention is nerve – racking. But since it will be only family and friends, people that you know, that feeling should make things more comfortable. But yeah, marriage is not for everyone. We live in a society where if you’re with someone for years then the “social norm” is to marry them. But you can have a long, loving, and faithful relationship without getting married

  7. Everyone needs to do what is right for themselves. I didn’t get married until was 52. (I am 54.) Why? First and foremost being married was not important to me. Secondly, I ever found anyone I wanted to marry – although I didn’t know this was in play until I did. Even so, part of the reason we married were the benefits afforded to us – being able to be on my husband’s health insurance (a big issue here is the State’s), and tax benefits. That said, I didn’t take my husband’s last name. I wasn’t against it, but it was a giant pain in the ass to do. My husband considered changing his name to mine, but didn’t for the same reason.
    If you and your girlfriend are happy with the way things are, then by all means keep doing it. 😄

  8. This month marks our 25th Wedding Anniversary. Next month marks our 28th year of being together. I say do what works for you. Rather you celebrates legal marriage or years of loving each other or like us, celebrate BOTH! (Why not, right?) it’s you and it’s her and in the end, that’s all that matters.
    I’m all for love bound by heart strings not paper strings.
    Domesticated Rebellion

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