The Need for Relaxation-17/4/18

The Need for Relaxation-17/4/18
Hey guys I am back with another blog and this one is about allowing yourself time for relaxation and self care. It is incredibly important to give yourself some resting time and I will use my own experiences to show you why it will help you in the long run to just take it easy from time to time.

My Battles
So guys as you’d have known from my tweets over time and my earlier blog content, I used to suffer badly with anxiety and depression issues. I had my life ruined by them and considering that I am only 23 now that should not be the case. My worst issues came when I was 19 and in September 2013 I reached the brink of suicide. Thinking back now I have realised why I suffered so badly. My life was going at 1000mph day after day and I was barely sleeping either.
I couldn’t think straight and it’s inhuman to be okay after giving your mind and body that much punishment. I also suffered a lot physically because of all of this and going by the fact I operated through college and nights out on very little sleep then it’s easy to see why. There were some days where I could barely move at all due to the self inflicted punishment I caused myself by not knowing how to look after myself. I have so much regrets about that spell of my life because even though I thought that I was living my life, I was barely living at all.
What I Recommend
So guys I have a lot of ways to improve your own self care. I will now list a few of these things:
Make sure you get enough sleep
Things that aren’t essential don’t need to be done immediately
Don’t drink alcohol too often
Don’t go on nights out constantly
Make time for your hobbies regularly
Remove negative people from your life
Why is relaxation important?
For me there is a huge emphasis on self care because good self care is essential for stopping yourself from suffering mentally and physically. If I had looked after myself in my late teenage years then I’d definitely have been a much healthier person both physically and mentally. I have learned so much through my battles and now I want to help you guys because nobody deserves to struggle with their mental health or physical health. We need to allow ourselves time to relax and I hope by reading this blog, you guys give yourself more time to recover and recharge.
Thank you for the wonderful blog support guys and thank you for reading as always. In the comments below please leave your self care tips as well as talking about a time where you struggled mentally or physically and managed to battle through it.
Stay shining.

16 thoughts on “The Need for Relaxation-17/4/18

  1. You have made some very good points in this post! I agree, getting good sleep is extremely important, and also setting a good time to get up each morning helps creahe routine. πŸ™‚ I’m sorry to read about what you went through in college – I truly hope you’re doing better now! <3

  2. You’re so right, man! Self care is of paramount importance. If you can;t look after yourself, what can you do?
    Great tips! I also find that a consistent/healthier diet, some physical exercise, and a touch of daily meditation does wonders for both your physical and mental well-being! (Heavy emphasis on the meditation though!)
    Much love, friend!

  3. Of course. We tend to forget how important proper rest is until it’s too late. You made some very good points here.

  4. This life pushes us to do more than our bodies are built for. If you watch documentaries on the Amazon tribes, their lives are low key – despite the fact that they must hunt, grow, or forage for their food. They rest and relax a lot. Your self-care recommendations make a lot of sense.

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