700 Blog Followers-19/4/18

700 Blog Followers-19/4/18
Hey guys I am back with a new blog and this one is about my latest milestone. I have just hit 700 blog followers as I am writing this post and I want to thank you all so much for the incredible support and talk about how I got to this goal. It hasn’t been easy to make this progress but I have managed it thanks to you guys being that damn awesome.

So guys I have only just been blogging for 8 months. In that time I have written over 100 blogs and they have been about so many different things. I started off as a mental health blogger only and I never really ventured into other niches or other random topics. Over time I began to run out of mental health content to write about as I had improved so much mentally that I ran out of experiences to use in order to help you guys.
I felt so stressed out about that and that’s why I began to make changes to what topics I discussed in my blogs. I may have lost some of the original followers who were here solely for mental health content but I’m okay with that. Everyone has their reasons for reading your blog content and their reasons may not always fit with your blog. Accepting this is a great thing because once you do, you’ll only feel more comfortable with writing in the long run because you start to write about what you enjoy and not what you think others want to read.
My other tips for growing a blog following include a lot of different things. One of the main ones is to work hard on every single post that you write. If you publish a post where you’ve not put in as much work, people will realise this and be put off your posts. Another tip I have is to engage with others on social media. If you create conversation with others and build up friendships with other people then they will feel like checking out your blog. My other big tip is to try and become part of a blogging group chat on social media. I am part of one on Twitter and we discuss everyday things as well as or blogs and social media itself.
Anyway guys this has been a short blog about reaching 700 blog followers. Thank you all so much for being part of my blogging journey and I look forward to continuing in with you. Just keep shining and being wonderful ladies and gents.
In the comments below, leave your blog links and go and check out each other’s content. Let’s keep building a positive, supportive community where we have each other’s backs.
Thank you for reading.

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    1. Thank you so much 😊 I don’t really set goals at all to be honest. I just take notice of milestones when they happen but I don’t set out with any goals as it keeps the pressure off to do well

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