Remembering Family-23/4/18

Remembering Family-23/4/18
Hey guys I am back with another blog and this one is about remembering family members who are no longer with us or ones that we don’t see very often. I know this is a very downbeat one by my standards but it feels like the right time to write it as tomorrow would be my Gran’s 70th birthday if she hadn’t died on Friday 13th October 2006.

As a kid I’d spent so much time with my gran from my mum’s side of the family. She stayed quite close to where I stayed so it was very easy to just go and visit whenever I wasn’t at school. I used to stay with her on a Saturday night too and watch things like You’ve Been Framed or Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? I always say that growing up with your grandparents around is such a lucky thing to be able to do as so many people don’t have that. My grandpa from my dad’s side died when I was young and I never really see my grandpa from my mum’s side so I’ve not had both grandparents from the same side of the family around for most of my life.
My great gran and grandfather from my mum’s side of the family stayed in the east coast of Fife. This was a 2 and a half hour bus journey from Glasgow so we never got to go very often except during school hoildays. I loved visiting there as I enjoyed playing at the beach there. It was always worth visiting the glen too as there was always some animals there such as rabbits and squirrels. As time went on less animals were there but I enjoyed what I could of them.
Above is a picture of the beach in Leven. This is what I got to enjoy growing up. My great gran died when I was 17 so I’ve only been there a couple of times with Sophie since. I will hopefully be going there with Sophie again in the summer as we loved it before.
Always appreciate every moment you have with your family guys. I am very distant with my family now except my mum and sister but so many of them are busy living their lives so it can’t be helped really. It will never mean that I love my family any less and even though you don’t see some family members a lot, you should always cherish every moment with them that you can.
Obviously we don’t all get on with every single family member too and that’s completely fine too. Being related doesn’t mean you have to force yourself to get on with a person who is being negative. You can ignore them and you shouldn’t feel guilty for doing that.
Anyway guys this has been my blog on remembering family. I want you to leave comments of your favourite family memories as I’d love to read them. Thank you for supporting me and reading my content as always guys and don’t forget to stay shining.

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